Infleqtion Unveils 5-year Quantum Computing Roadmap, Advancing Plans to Commercialize Quantum at Scale

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  • Infleqtion unveiled its 5-year quantum computing roadmap, looking at commercial quantum solutions by the end of the decade.
  • The company also announced a program of substantial investments in both hardware and software dedicated to creating error-corrected logical qubits tailored for commercial applications.
  • Critical Quote: “2024 is an inflection point for quantum technologies, with an increasing number of near-term opportunities for public and private sector organizations to begin deploying high-value quantum solutions.” — Scott Faris, CEO of Infleqtion

PRESS RELEASE — During a live webinar, Infleqtion, the world’s leading quantum information company, shared a broad business update, including the first look at its new 5-year quantum computing roadmap as well as new partnerships and customer wins that underscore the company’s progress toward commercializing quantum solutions at scale. Taking center stage in the company’s roadmap is Sqorpius, the next phase of Infleqtion’s quantum computing program.

Quantum technology is recognized as a catalyst for transformational progress on a global scale, with the potential to revolutionize a broad range of industries, including finance, defense, energy, healthcare, life sciences, and more.

“2024 is an inflection point for quantum technologies, with an increasing number of near-term opportunities for public and private sector organizations to begin deploying high-value quantum solutions,” said Scott Faris, CEO of Infleqtion. “Our core neutral atom technology platform delivers unprecedented economies of scale by enabling us to serve these ready-now markets while providing the foundation for fault-tolerant quantum computers. Coupled with our manufacturing investments, our technology platform uniquely positions us to commercialize quantum at scale.”

Introducing Sqorpius for Commercial-Ready Quantum Computing
Infleqtion today announced the next phase of its quantum computing program: Sqorpius. This new initiative encompasses substantial investments in both hardware and software and is dedicated to creating error-corrected logical qubits tailored for commercial applications.

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Alongside the announcement of Sqorpius, Infleqtion revealed significant milestones in gate fidelity, qubit array scaling, and development of its quantum error-correction system. Notably, the company celebrated a major milestone by unveiling the world’s largest qubit array, comprising 1600 qubits. These achievements signal progress towards the company’s overarching goal of delivering fault-tolerant quantum computers within the next five years, paving the way for genuine commercial advantage.

To achieve this goal, Infleqtion highlighted plans to develop a fully error-corrected, commercially valuable quantum computer with 100 logical qubits, capable of executing circuits of depth above 1 million. This computer will unlock a wide range of commercial opportunities in material science, energy, and machine learning. In addition to hardware advancements, Infleqtion emphasized the pivotal role of its flagship quantum software platform, Superstaq, in optimizing and accelerating performance across its product lineup.

Infleqtion Powering Critical Quantum Computing Initiatives 
Infleqtion has been selected to develop and deliver a quantum computing testbed for the National Quantum Computing Centre (NQCC) in the United Kingdom. This testbed will support the NQCC’s goal of accelerating development of the UK’s quantum computing capabilities and infrastructure. Infleqtion will deliver a state-of-the-art large-scale neutral-atom quantum computer with a compelling pathway to logical qubit operations. This system will be used by UK researchers and key partners including Qinetiq and Oxfordshire County Council to address high-impact computational challenges.

In addition, Infleqtion has been selected to lead the quantum thrust for Defence Cyber Marvel 3 (DCM3), Europe’s largest cyber defense exercise. A key goal of DCM3 is to showcase and develop an understanding of new technologies, especially those that will impact networks, with quantum technology a high priority. Infleqtion will provide access to quantum hardware through Superstaq. Additionally, Infleqtion announced the alpha launch of the qLDPC open source software library, enabling the development of new quantum error correction codes which dramatically improve resilience and lower spatial overhead.

New Quantum Investments in Texas
To accelerate its efforts, Infleqtion signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Texas A&M University and the Texas A&M Semiconductor Institute to create a new, world-class quantum program focused on developing next-generation quantum technologies and products, including quantum applications for scaling artificial intelligence (AI) using quantum. The collaboration aims to expand on Texas A&M’s significant investments in real-world test and experimentation facilities by developing a quantum test range that can support the development of novel applications of quantum products across numerous sectors including national security.

“This agreement between Texas A&M and Infleqtion sets the stage for a new quantum program aimed at advancing next-generation technologies,” said John Sharp, chancellor of The Texas A&M University System. “We’re not just envisioning the future of quantum technology; we’re actively building it. This agreement underscores our goal of making Texas a hub for quantum excellence and technological innovation.”

These announcements build on a series of recent wins for the company. Infleqtion’s latest milestones include the selection of the company’s neutral atom platform for Japan’s Quantum Moonshot program, the launch of Oqtant, the world’s first quantum matter service, and the acquisition of two silicon photonics companies: SiNoptiq Inc. and Morton Photonics Inc.

Core Platform Delivering Precision Timekeeping for Commercial Applications
During the webinar, Infleqtion also shared updates on its optical atomic clock platform Tiqker, underscoring how the company’s core technology platform extends to multiple commercial use cases. Tiqker Prime is a 3U rack-mounted system available for pre-order today, with the goal of revolutionizing modern data centers and communication networks with orders of magnitude improvements above current timing standards. Infleqtion is partnering with one of the world’s largest technology platforms to optimize Tiqker for next-generation data centers and communication networks. Tiqker’s applications span a wide range, including smart grids, timing services, wireless broadband, financial timestamping, network synchronization, scientific test and measurement, radio astronomy, autonomous vehicles, sensor networks, GPS ground services, and national timekeeping.

A replay of today’s webinar will be available online shortly following the event. For more information or to see the replay, please visit Infleqtion’s website.

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