APSO, Quantum-South’s Air Cargo Optimization Tool, Now Accessible on IATA’s Open API Hub

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  • Quantum-South, specializing in quantum optimization for the air cargo industry, has launched its Automatic Package Selection and Ordering (APSO) on the International Air Transportation Association’s (IATA) Open API Hub.
  • APSO, a quantum-inspired SaaS tool, helps optimize package selection and ordering within Unit Load Devices (ULDs) for airlines, cargo handlers, and warehouse operators, aiming to improve capacity utilization in the air cargo industry.
  • Available for free demo testing on IATA’s Open API Hub, APSO enhances cargo load factors by considering multiple optimization objectives and constraints, having already demonstrated capacity utilization increases of up to 30% with industry leaders like IAG Cargo and Amerijet International.

PRESS RELEASE — Montevideo, Uruguay/December 14, 2023 — Quantum-South, a leader in quantum optimization solutions for the air cargo industry, is pleased to announce that its innovative product, Automatic Package Selection and Ordering (APSO), is now available on the International Air Transportation Association’s (IATA) Open API Hub.

APSO is a cutting-edge Software as a Service (SaaS) designed to assist airlines, cargo handlers, and warehouse operators in optimizing package selections during loading scenarios. It addresses critical challenges faced by the air cargo industry in terms of capacity utilization, empowering users to achieve optimal selection and ordering of packages within Unit Load Devices (ULDs).

About IATA’s Open API Hub

IATA’s Open API Hub is a collaborative space for Airline Industry organizations to discover and engage with APIs from trusted industry providers. The Hub fosters connectivity, promotes competition, and facilitates the efficient introduction of new products to the market. It serves as a central repository for API providers and consumers to connect, discover, and collaborate in a streamlined environment.

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How APSO Enhances Air Cargo Optimization

APSO is a quantum-inspired optimization tool leveraging principles of quantum computing to increase cargo load factors in load planning scenarios. By integrating APSO through the API on IATA’s Open API Hub, users can now explore its capabilities for free demo testing. APSO returns optimal load plans for each container considering multiple optimization objectives (priority mix, revenue, weight, volume) and diverse constraints (SHC compatibilities, container capacity weight, fragile items, and more).

Rafael Sotelo, Co-founder & President of Quantum-South, stated, “Our journey with the ‘Bin-Packing Problem’ has been transformative. Collaborations with industry leaders like IAG Cargo and Amerijet International resulted in remarkable outcomes, with capacity utilization increasing by up to 30%. Now, with APSO available on IATA’s Open API Hub, we are extending the impact and adaptability of our solution.”

How to Access APSO API on IATA’s Open API Hub

Accessing APSO is straightforward:

Visit the Hub’s page under the cargo category.

Search for “APSO | Quantum-South” in the repository.

Click to view documentation, terms of use, and other relevant information.

Start integrating APSO into your cargo planning processes.

Join the Conversation

Quantum-South encourages developers, airlines, and industry partners to explore the APSO API on IATA’s Open API Hub and share their experiences. The move aligns with Quantum-South’s commitment to drive positive change within the aviation industry, fostering an open data ecosystem.

Rafael Sotelo concluded, “Publishing the APSO API on IATA’s Open API Hub is a strategic move in line with our commitment to shaping the future of air cargo tech. Quantum-South is at the forefront of industry innovation and collaboration.”

Get Started Today

Ready to optimize your cargo planning with APSO? Visit the IATA Open API Hub and begin integrating Quantum-South’s quantum-inspired optimization tool into your projects. For more information, contact Quantum-South at [email protected].

About Quantum-South

Quantum-South is a pioneer in quantum optimization solutions for the air cargo industry, committed to redefining the future of aviation through innovative technologies.

Founded in 2019, Quantum-South works with complex optimization problems for air and maritime cargo leveraging quantum computing software. Quantum South was born in Universidad de Montevideo and is the first quantum start-up in Latin America. Quantum South aims to achieve better results than conventional solutions available today and help companies to improve revenues and reduce costs.

Contact Information For media inquiries, contact: Marcos Juayek

[email protected]



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