French National Quantum Update — November 2023

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Executive Summary

November was an extremely busy – and by most indications – an extremely productive month for France’s quantum startups, businesses and research institutions. In probably the biggest news Quandela secured over €50 million from investors, the French government through the France 2030 Plan and banking partners. The company is considered a global leader in photonic quantum computing. Importantly the move shows the absolute necessity of a strong ecosystem, allowing the strengths of all the members – entrepreneurs, policy makers and scientists – to work together to build companies in this growing, but complex industry. 


Quantum Leap: Getting Europe ready for Technological Sovereignty

The Erasmus-Descartes Conference (CED) was initiated in 2002 by the’embassy of France in the Netherlands and the’ Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in France. A highlight of the Franco-Dutch bilateral relationship, these conferences with a unique model aim to facilitate exchanges on the’future of’a priority sector in an interdisciplinary way thanks to the contributions of scientists, entrepreneurs, and, french and Dutch business leaders, politicians and students.

Emmanuel Chiva and Bruno Bonnell Announce an Innovation Partnership

At FID, Emmanuel Chiva and Bruno Bonnell announced an innovation partnership aimed at developing two usable universal quantum computers by the beginning of the next decade.


Quandela Secures €50 Million To Support International Expansion, Further Industrial Development

Quandela, the European leader in photonic quantum computing, has successfully secured over €50 million from investors, the French government through the France 2030 Plan, and banking partners. New investors, Serena, Credit Mutuel Innovation, and the European Innovation Council Fund, have joined the company’s capital, alongside existing historical investors, Bpifrance 1, OMNES Capital and Quantonation. Quandela has also received support from France 2030 as the laureate of the “Première usine” call for projects, operated by Bpifrance. This capital increase will allow Quandela to expedite its international expansion and increase the production of its quantum computers to meet the needs of industrial clients.

PASQAL Signs MOU To Support Open Quantum Institute Activities

PASQAL, the leader in neutral atoms quantum computing, and the Geneva Science and Diplomacy Anticipator (GESDA), the non-profit Swiss foundation established in Geneva that focuses on promoting the best science available and to provide solutions to current and future technological related challenges, proudly announce a collaboration to support activities related to the “Open Quantum Institute” (OQI) initiative.

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GENCI/CEA, FZJ, and PASQAL Announce Significant Milestone in Hybrid Computing

In the context of the SuperComputing2023 conference in Denver (SC23), Grand Equipement National de Calcul Intensif (GENCI), Commissariat à l’énergie atomique et aux énergies alternatives (CEA), Forschungszentrum Jülich (FZJ), and PASQAL are demonstrating progresses in the framework of the European project High-Performance Computer and Quantum Simulator hybrid (HPCQS). Indeed, HPC-Quantum Computing applications in finance, pharma, and energy are leveraging the upcoming quantum computers that are currently being installed at the supercomputing centers CEA/TGCC (France) and FZJ/JSC (Germany), providing already concrete results.

Collaboration to Offer Equinix Customers Secure Access to Alice & Bob Quantum Tech

Equinix, Inc. (Nasdaq: EQIX) the world’s digital infrastructure company, announced its collaboration with Alice & Bob, a leading quantum computing company developing one of the most reliable quantum processors on the market. Through the collaboration with Alice & Bob, Equinix customers in United States and across the world will benefit from secure access to Alice & Bob’s cutting-edge quantum technology through Equinix Metal and Equinix Fabric, and from Alice & Bob’s quantum strategy services for businesses to unlock opportunities worth billions of dollars.

PASQAL and Investissement Québec Launch a $90 Million Quantum Computing Initiative

PASQAL, a leader in the development of neutral-atom quantum computers, helped launch a $90 million quantum technology initiative over five years in Sherbrooke, Quebec. The project aims to conduct manufacturing and commercialization activities for quantum computers, as well as research and development in collaboration with academic and industrial partners in quantum computing within DistriQ, a quantum innovation zone.


French Cloud Initiative Compiles Resources for Academic and Industrial Research in Artificial Intelligence

The CLUSSTER project aims to strengthen the French and European cloud industry by creating a cloud dedicated to Artificial Intelligence, High-Performance Computing and Quantum Computing. As a single-entry point, the CLUSSTER project will bring together a range of digital resources for the academic and industrial communities. The project is being led by a consortium of French academic and industrial researchers in numerical calculation and AI: GENCI, CEA, CNRS and Inria, as well as industrialists Eviden (Atos Group), OVHcloud, CS Group, ActiveEon and Qarnot.

Jean-Philippe Brantut wins 2023 EPFL Latsis Prize

The 2023 EPFL Latsis Prize has been awarded to Professor Jean-Philippe Brantut at EPFL’s School of Basic Sciences. The Prize honors Brantut’s groundbreaking research in quantum gases and quantum optics. His work delves into the complex interactions of Fermi gases within optical cavities, exploring the intricate dance between light and matter.

Education and Events

The International Conference on Quantum Simulation (ICQSIM2023)

The International Conference on Quantum Simulation (ICQSIM2023) will take place at Ecole Polytechnique, Palaiseau. The conference offered an ​​up-to-date perspective on the thriving field of quantum simulation. The scientific program will combine invited tutorial talks by prominent specialists of the field, contributed talks and poster presentations. The conference is organized by the French network QUANTIP (Quantum Technologies in Paris Region).

The 7th International Conference on Quantum Techniques in Machine Learning starts at CERN

The 7th International Conference on Quantum Techniques in Machine Learning was held on Nov. 20. Approximately 300 attendees were expected for this five-day event held at CERN, . Three pre-conference tutorials were held on Nov. 19.

Quantum Science and Engineering Master’s Program at QSE

Education is a priority for the QSE Center. The goal of the Center is to establish EPFL as the cradle where the next generation of quantum scientists and quantum engineers are trained. To this purpose, it is key to offer a multidisciplinary education program that includes computer science, physics, mathematics and engineering. Educators in all these areas have launched a transdisciplinary Master program in Quantum Science and Engineering.

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