Quantum Exponential Group Opens New European Headquarters in Copenhagen

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  • Quantum Exponential Group plc established its European entity and opened its European headquarters in Copenhagen, Denmark.
  • Company executives say the location offers proximity to several key players in the quantum field.
  • The move is influenced by Denmark’s growing prominence in the global quantum technology landscape.

PRESS RELEASE — Quantum Exponential Group plc (AQUIS: QBIT) has announced the establishment of its European entity and the opening of its European headquarters in Copenhagen, Denmark, within the Quantum Deep Tech Lab, according to a company news release. This location offers proximity to several key players in the quantum field, including the recently founded Novo Nordisk Foundation Quantum Foundry, the Danish NATO Centre for Quantum Technology, and the Niels Bohr Institute.

Denmark’s role in the global quantum technology landscape has gained prominence, with its selection as the host location for the new NATO Centre for Quantum Technologies. This positioning makes Denmark an attractive destination for Quantum Exponential’s European expansion, according to the release.

Steve Metcalfe, CEO of Quantum Exponential Group, stated, “As Denmark continues to gain recognition in the global quantum ecosystem, we look forward to working closely with its quantum community. Our European headquarters enhance investment opportunities and expedite progress. We view this as an opportunity to invest in and support the broader quantum landscape in alignment with our strategic vision.”

Metcalfe emphasized the broader significance of the move, saying, “This marks a notable moment for Quantum Exponential and the quantum technology landscape, with governments, corporations, and financial institutions increasingly recognizing the importance of investing in quantum technology.”

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Stuart Woods, Chief Operating and Strategy Officer of Quantum Exponential Group, added, “The quantum field in Denmark is experiencing momentum, and we are excited to be at its epicenter. Recent global dynamics, combined with our deepened understanding of quantum technology, make Copenhagen an ideal location for nurturing the next generation of quantum technology. This innovation will significantly influence sectors such as medicine, smart infrastructure, defense, and navigation. We are excited to contribute to this evolution in partnership with Denmark and Europe.”

Quantum Exponential Group plc’s decision to establish its European headquarters in Copenhagen is a noteworthy development in the evolution of quantum technology, with the company positioned to play a role in shaping its future.

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