Infleqtion Unveils Open Beta Release of Superstaq

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  • Infleqtion announced the open beta release of its quantum software platform Superstaq.
  • The company said the platform helps application developers, researchers, quantum hardware providers and users at national labs, boost the computational power of their machines.
  • The platform also offers improved error messaging and resolution channels.

PRESS RELEASE — Infleqtion, the world’s quantum information company, today announced the release of its flagship quantum software platform Superstaq into open beta. Superstaq’s device-physics-aware compilation techniques have led to remarkable performance enhancements, such as a 10x boost in standard benchmark applications like Bernstein-Vazirani. Various deep optimization techniques—parametric (fractional) gates, dynamical decoupling, swap mirroring, bring-your-own gateset, phased microwave decompositions, approximate synthesis, and qutrits— contribute to this progress.

Quantum computers are noisy and error-prone, making optimized circuit compilation critical for obtaining useful results. With Superstaq’s full-stack solution, application developers, researchers, quantum hardware providers, and users at national labs, accelerate their time-to-market and boost the computational power of their machines and applications. The platform integrates seamlessly with Qiskit Runtime, maximizing the efficiency of quantum computations.

“We’re excited to introduce the Superstaq open beta, which signifies a pivotal juncture in the quantum computing landscape. Through its advanced features and user-focused design, Superstaq enables quantum enthusiasts, researchers, and industry leaders to fully unlock the potential of quantum applications,” shared Dr. Pranav Gokhale, VP of Quantum Software at Infleqtion.

The open beta release of Superstaq introduces a host of user-centric enhancements. New tutorials and updated documentation ensure easier onboarding, making quantum computing accessible to a broader audience. The platform also offers improved error messaging and resolution channels, enhancing the overall user experience.

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“Sandia National Laboratories’ close collaboration with Infleqtion’s Superstaq team has been invaluable in helping Sandia provide researchers around the world low-level access to our quantum computing testbed QSCOUT, a versatile, open, trapped-ion quantum computer. The team tailored compiler optimization techniques attuned to our hardware’s specific performance and capabilities. These routines have focused on the advantages, challenges, and noise characteristics of QSCOUT’s continuously parameterized two-qubit gateset, yielding exciting developments. Our productive endeavor is underscored by a deeply rooted, shared co-design philosophy that has improved both QSCOUT and Superstaq. As QSCOUT has evolved, the Superstaq team has been a valued, collaborative partner,” said Christopher Yale, Experimental Team Lead on QSCOUT.

In addition to QSCOUT, users of Superstaq include other national laboratories, such as Argonne and the Advanced Quantum Testbed at Lawrence Berkeley; academic and educational institutions, such as Northwestern University and QuSTEAM; and financial companies, such as Morningstar, in addition to many others.

Ji Liu, a postdoctoral appointee at the U.S. Department of Energy’s Argonne National Laboratory, shared, “Superstaq’s low-level quantum programming primitives unlock significant advances in performance for applications such as Toffoli gates and Hamiltonian simulation algorithms. The access to native gates and pulse-level controls is important for optimizing execution on quantum hardware.”

“Superstaq has been a fantastic resource,” said Bennett Brown, Executive Director of QuSTEAM. “I’m excited about what’s next for the platform and leveraging this power and their team’s expertise to advance undergraduate education with project-based course modules, further growing our quantum community.”

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