KPMG Becomes a Member of IBM Quantum Network to Enhance its QC Expertise

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In a recent YouTube video released by KPMG US, Cliff Justice, Partner and Leader of Enterprise Innovation for KPMG US, and Aparna Prabhakar, Vice President of Ecosystem, IBM Quantum, discuss the exciting prospects that arise from the collaboration between KPMG and IBM in the realm of quantum computing. The union of KPMG’s profound industry experience and dedication to innovation, along with IBM’s continuous advancements in quantum computing, offers a remarkable opportunity to explore the potential applications of this revolutionary technology.

Mutually Beneficial

Prabhakar expressed her enthusiasm about KPMG joining the IBM Quantum network. She highlighted the uniqueness that KPMG brings to the table through its strong client relationships. Together, they aim to drive value and deliver exceptional solutions to clients. The partnership makes perfect sense, as KPMG’s deep understanding of client workflows and needs complements IBM’s expertise in quantum computing. The collaboration seeks to define a seamless user experience in this new era of quantum-led supercomputing, benefiting all parties involved.

KPMG firms’ decision to join the IBM Quantum Network signifies their commitment to thought leadership in quantum computing. In today’s rapidly evolving technological landscape, exploring the potential of quantum computing to develop innovative solutions has become more crucial than ever. As part of the IBM Quantum Network, KPMG firms will delve into how quantum computing can be leveraged to address challenges across various industries.

This partnership aligns with KPMG’s ongoing dedication to embracing technology and innovative approaches to problem-solving. By tapping into the expertise of KPMG professionals and IBM’s quantum technologies, this collaboration aims to provide valuable insights to clients, helping them prepare their businesses for the future and facilitating ongoing success.

Global Quantum Hub

KPMG’s involvement in quantum activities extends beyond its association with the IBM Quantum Network. For years, KPMG firms have been actively working with clients in their Global Quantum Hub, contributing to the development of quantum circuits that enhance speed and scalability across multiple business processes. These efforts continue alongside their partnership with the IBM Quantum Network.

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Joining the IBM Quantum Network allows KPMG firms to deepen their long-standing relationship with IBM as a valued member of its ecosystem. This move provides access to a wealth of resources, including cloud access to IBM’s global fleet of quantum computing systems, specialized software tools, and expert guidance. These resources are expected to empower KPMG professionals to generate cutting-edge technology solutions for their clients, further solidifying KPMG’s position at the forefront of the quantum industry.

For further information on this, please check out the press release here on the KPMG website.

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