UKQuantum appoints Jonathan Legh-Smith as Executive Director

UKQuantum appoints Jonathan Legh-Smith as Executive Director
UKQuantum appoints Jonathan Legh-Smith as Executive Director
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UKQuantum, the trade association providing the voice of UK quantum industry, has appointed Jonathan Legh-Smith as Executive Director. 

UKQuantum’s mission is to: 

  • Unite the UK quantum industry with one voice;
  • Champion the industry within Government and internationally while advising on interventions and policies that will advance the UK quantum industry; and
  • Promote the adoption and benefits of quantum technologies across the UK economy.

Legh-Smith has been a central figure in the formulation of the consortium since its early days (see bio at the end of article). This appointment comes at an important juncture for the quantum technology landscape, both within the UK and at large. Legh-Smith stated, “UKQuantum has already established itself as a key partner in the UK’s National Quantum Strategy and I’m excited to have the opportunity to help our members achieve their ambitions as well as those of the UK.”  

With more than 30 members, ranging from startups to enterprise users, UKQuantum provides important input into the UK government’s £2.5 billion national strategy, announced earlier this year. Jonathan’s leadership will further facilitate the strategic direction of the consortium, particularly in the areas of commercialisation, responsible innovation, equality, diversity, and inclusion. 

Since its formal establishment in November 2022, members have had the opportunity to add input into government calls, provide feedback through working groups and host webinars and industry events across the UK. 

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UKQuantum is committed to providing a unified voice for the sector while supporting and representing the UK as a global quantum technology leader. You can learn more at 

Jonathan Legh-Smith Bio

Jonathan Legh-Smith has extensive experience as an R&D and Innovation Executive, covering policy, strategy and programme management. Jonathan is a member of the National Quantum Technology Programme Strategic Advisory Board, the National Quantum Computing Centre Technical Advisory Group and NPL’s Quantum Metrology Institute Advisory Board. Previously, Jonathan was Principal, Scientific Affairs for BT leading engagement with national research & innovation priorities including Quantum Technologies, Future Telecoms and Cyber-Physical Infrastructure. He directed BT’s Strategic Research programme for over 10 years along with BT’s academic and industrial research partnerships. Jonathan co-founded BT’s tech scouting function in Silicon Valley, was BT’s Head of Standards and established BT’s school engagement programme in the East of England. He has served as a member of the EPSRC Strategic Advisory Network and the EPSRC Science, Engineering & Technology Board. 

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