QBN Quantum Industry Summit: Unlocking new business opportunities for all industries.

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Stuttgart, Germany – The highly anticipated QBN Quantum Industry Summit is set to take place on October 10-11, 2023, alongside the Quantum Effects exhibition at Messe Stuttgart. This premier international business & tech conference will bring together over 500 world-class leaders, experts, and stakeholders to address the pressing demands and challenges facing the quantum industry, promote European sovereignty in the global quantum landscape, and drive innovation and industrialization of quantum technologies.

With an expected revenue surpassing $100 billion by 2040, quantum technologies are poised to disrupt almost all industries, including Pharma & Biotech, Healthcare & Medtech, Manufacturing & Logistics, Energy, Finance, Defence & Security, Aerospace & Automotive, and Materials Science. The QBN Quantum Industry Summit is committed to enhancing quantum supply chains, fostering real-life quantum applications through connections with end-users and startups, and cultivating the next generation of quantum leaders and entrepreneurs.

The conference will feature 50+ speakers across 3 parallel tracks, each with its own unique focus:

  • Track 1: Politics, Business & Ecosystem:

With the aim to drive innovation, growth, and European leadership in the quantum industry, this track will feature an international panel of renowned policy makers, including the European Commission, bringing together perspectives from across the globe, from Germany and France to the United States and Canada, focusing on creating a fruitful and unified environment for commercialization, addressing the challenges of Valley of Death, and sharing success stories that highlight the importance of international collaboration. This encompasses the need for European initiatives, the role of market leaders in driving innovation, and supporting the promotion of quantum ecosystems and startups.

In addition, the track will highlight perspectives from venture capital investors, successful entrepreneurs, and quantum business experts delving into topics such as private capital and entrepreneurship to uncover strategies for fostering growth and sustainability of quantum businesses in Europe. Discussions will also focus on standards, including the current state of the quantum ecosystem, offering insights into the latest developments and future trends. The business-oriented sessions will address key aspects on how to start a quantum business, effective go-to-market strategies, understanding the end-user’s perspective, and best practices for networking and collaboration.

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  • Track 2: Quantum Technologies & Supply Chains

This track features top-tier industry experts and scientist exploring the rapidly evolving landscape of quantum technologies through technical lectures, presentations, and round table discussions. It is designed for key players across the value chain, from material development to component manufacturers and integrators, who are interested in gaining unparalleled insights into all quantum technologies.

The sessions will range from Quantum Computing (hardware & software stack, HPC integration, superconducting, NV Centers, Neutral Atoms) and Quantum communication (QKD, PQC, secure infrastructures) to Quantum Sensing, Imaging & Metrology (Diamond Quantum Sensors, Trapped Ions) and Quantum Enabling Technologies (Photonics & Optics and Electronics & Packagins).

The track offers an exceptional networking platform for attendees to connect with peers across the whole quantum supply chain and explore collaboration opportunities in the industry.

  • Track 3: Industry Applications & User Access:

It presents a unique opportunity for integrators, providers, and end-users to explore the transformative potential of quantum technologies and foster innovation and competitiveness within their respective industries.

Through user presentations, lectures, and round table discussions, this track offers attendees valuable insights and guidance on initiating their quantum journey, while gaining a deeper understanding of why and how to integrate quantum technologies into their operations.

The agenda encompasses industry-focused sessions and talks showcasing Quantum Computing, Quantum Communication, and Quantum Sensing use-cases across sectors such as Pharma & Biotech, Healthcare & Medtech, Manufacturing & Logistics, Energy, Finance, Defence & Security, Aerospace & Automotive, and Materials Science.

This format provides the perfect space to connect with professionals from various sectors and explore potential synergies of collaboration.

  • Special Track: Biz & Investment Opportunities:

During the first day, this track will cover an exclusive investment forum where selected quantum startups will be able pitch their projects to international VC investors and receive valuable feedback through a speed dating format. On the second day, it will include live demos, allowing startups to showcase their technologies in action. Additionally, on both days, there will be private rooms available for one-on-one business and investor meetings, providing personalized opportunities to network and explore collaborations.

This track definitely serves as a dynamic platform for business leaders to gain exposure, connect with investors, and advance their quantum projects.

In addition to the extensive conference program, attendees will have also access to the Quantum Effects exhibition, Europe’s first trade fair for Quantum Technologies. With up to 100 exhibitors focusing on Computing & Enabling Technologies, Software, Sensor Technology, and Communication, the exhibition provides an excellent opportunity to explore the latest developments in the quantum innovation ecosystem and discover cutting-edge solutions.

QBN Quantum Industry Summit is organized by the Quantum Business Network (QBN), the world’s leading business network that promotes networking, business creation and the development of organizations working in the field of quantum technologies and its value chains.

With over 80 members, QBN provides them with growth acceleration and technological advancements through industry collaborations, deep market insights, visibility and supportive structures, business development, technology transfer and innovation support as well as entrepreneurial mentoring and fast access to private and public funding.

Join us to explore the latest developments in the quantum innovation ecosystem, network with industry peers, and unlock the boundless potential of quantum technologies in business, science, and its applications across a wide range of industries!

The QBN Quantum Industry Summit is made possible by the generous support of our Gold Sponsor Qruise, Bronze Sponsor HQS Quantum Simulations, and our partners The Quantum Insider, Optence, Maryland Department of Commerce, and EIT Manufacturing.

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