QuantLR Launches First Commercial Product: LoQomo1

Insider Brief:

  • QuantLR launches its ground-breaking first commercial product, “LoQomo 1, which is based on Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) technology.
  • The product provides a significantly more cost-effective and scalable solution than anything else on the market.
  • Yanir Farber, Co-founder and CEO at QuantLRWe, says he is thrilled to bring LoQomo 1 to market and believes that this solution, which has been tested by many clients, is a game-changer in the QKD market and the company can’t wait for its customers to try it out in a wider manner.

PRESS RELEASE — Modiin, Israel, February 2023 — QuantLR, a Quantum cryptography company, has announced that its first commercial product, based on Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) technology, is being launched commercially.
The product, named LoQomo 1, provides the ultimate level of protection to secure communication lines. It was successfully tested by multiple clients — including some of the best-known companies in the world — and demonstrated its performance and resilience in all conditions.

This solution, which provides the most cost-effective performance in the market by far, is now ready for mass deployment. Until now, the cost has been the major barrier to the widespread implementation of this unbreakable technology. With LoQomo 1 from QuantLR, this barrier has been broken down.

This solution is oriented to various market segments including Telecom operators, Data Center service providers, Critical infrastructure facilities, and government institutions.

“We are thrilled to bring LoQomo 1 to market,” said Yanir Farber, co-founder, and CEO at QuantLR. “We believe that this solution, which has been tested by many clients, is a game-changer in the QKD market and we can’t wait for our customers to try it out in a wider manner.”

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Quantum Key Distribution is the only proven protocol to stay secure in the age of Quantum Computers. The ability to easily and cost-effectively deploy this technology is a major breakthrough in keeping all data communication secure forever.

QuantLR is focused on improving the cost-effectiveness of QKD technology and enabling its easy integration, which are the major issues inhibiting mass deployment.

About QuantLR:
QuantLR is an Israeli-based company that develops and deploys cost-effective Quantum Encryption solutions. Quantum Encryption is the only proven technology to secure data in transit and detect eavesdropping. The expertise of the company comes from world-renowned quantum physicists from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. www.quantlr.com

Press Contact: Yanir Farber /. E: [email protected] /

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