NY CREATES and Bleximo Announce New Quantum Computing R&D Partnership


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  • Bleximo Corp. plans to expand its design, prototyping and marketing operations to the Albany NanoTech Complex in Upstate New York.
  • The company will also establish a research and development partnership with the New York Center for Research, Economic Advancement, Technology, Engineering, and Science (NY CREATES)
  • Bleximo is a full-stack quantum computing system integration firm.

PRESS RELEASE — Bleximo Corp., a full-stack quantum computing system integration firm, today announced plans to expand its design, prototyping,and marketing operations to the Albany NanoTech Complex in Upstate New York. The company will also establish a research and development partnership with the New York Center for Research, Economic Advancement, Technology, Engineering, and Science (NY CREATES), a non-profit organization that accelerates innovation, facilitates public-private partnerships, and operates the nation’s most advanced, publicly-owned semiconductor research center.

Quantum computing promises to usher in a new era of modelling, simulation, and optimization capabilities that will lead to new discoveries and productivity improvements, tackle climate challenges, and improve quality of life. This advanced technology will impact many diverse disciplines, including but not limited to defense and national security, pharmaceuticals, medicine, manufacturing, materials science, finance, and supply chain.

Dr. Alexei Marchenkov, CEO, Bleximo said, “NY CREATES’ technical capabilities as well as a track record of successfully supporting technology commercialization efforts, make it a unique hub for Bleximo’s aggressive development and commercialization schedule of its next-generation quantum computing systems. A partnership with NY CREATES is essential to rapidly develop, scale, and commercialize Bleximo’s patent-pending modular superconducting application-specific quantum processors (ASQPs) with integrated cryogenic silicon photonics control system”

David Anderson, President, NY CREATES said, “Quantum technologies are already enabling many of today’s most important innovations and advances in computing, semiconductors, microelectronics, and numerous other industries. NY CREATES world-class facilities are a unique environment that supports start-up companies by providing access to the latest state-of-the-art tools and equipment. We are excited to bring in Bleximo, along with their impressive capabilities, as a partner at the Albany NanoTech Complex and look forward to welcoming the Bleximo team to Upstate New York.”

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Bleximo, headquartered in Berkeley, California, will expand operations and establish a team in Albany, NY, that will work closely with NY CREATES researchers and staff to help support expanding its R&D activities. Bleximo brings unique superconducting quantum hardware design, fabrication, testing and operational know-how, advanced electronic design automation software, and proven full-stack quantum computing system integration expertise to the NY CREATES ecosystem.

Bleximo’s capabilities include:

  • Chip design, chip fabrication and packaging technologies yielding record coherence times in superconducting quantum bits.
  • Unique electronic automated design software which speeds up quantum processor layout and validation.
  • Proprietary co-design methodology which boosts the speed and reduces algorithm complexity with appropriate processor architecture choice.
  • A patent-pending blueprint for building hybrid superconducting/photonic processors with 1,000+ high-quality qubits.
  • Cryogenic RubiconTM platform, which enables rapid tests of superconducting chips at millikelvin temperatures.

“Bleximo’s Rubicon platform for the testing of multi-qubit quantum processors provides a critically needed capability for NY CREATES’s R&D into scalable quantum computing systems,” said Satyavolu “Pops” Papa Rao, Vice President for Research at NY CREATES. “With the Rubicon platform, NY CREATES can accelerate the characterization of its Ta-based Josephson junctions, high-quality-factor coplanar waveguide resonators, and superconducting nanowires developed at 300 mm wafer scale in our nation-leading facilities for use in a variety of quantum computing architectures.”

Making large-scale practical quantum processors requires the most modern microfabrication methods and tools as well as materials analysis capabilities and expertise. NY CREATES owns and operates the Albany NanoTech Complex – the nation’s most advanced, publicly-owned semiconductor R&D facility.

Over the last two decades, NY CREATES has built time-tested connections and capabilities with ecosystem partners in academia, industry and government, enabling the organization to power a broader portion of the commercialization continuum and making them unique when compared with other innovation centers. NY CREATES is actively engaged in technology development programs, particularly at its Albany and Rochester locations, through strategic efforts in integrated photonics, neuromorphic computing, quantum technologies, power electronics, and nano-biological devices. These R&D efforts are partnerships with a broad cross-section of entities – from federal agencies to start-up companies.

About Bleximo

Founded in 2017, Bleximo is a full-stack quantum computing system integration firm that is building superconducting application-specific quantum computers by co-designing algorithms and hardware to deliver practical solutions for high-impact problems. Co-designing processors, software, and the control stack along with developing technologies that ensure chips’ reliability and scalability in one product development process is Bleximo’s strategic differentiator: everything from the fundamental physics of superconducting technology to the software dynamics in a deployed system is considered. For more information, visit https://bleximo.com.


NY CREATES serves as New York’s bridge to the advanced electronics industry. As the primary resource for fostering public-private and academic partnerships in New York State, NY CREATES attracts and leads industry connected innovation and commercialization projects that secure significant investment, advance R&D in emerging technologies, and generate the jobs of tomorrow. NY CREATES runs some of the most advanced facilities in the world, boasts more than 2,700 industry experts and faculty, and manages public and private investments of more than $20 billion – placing it at the global epicenter of high-tech innovation and commercialization. Learn more at https://ny-creates.org.

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