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New Video Hosted on Qiskit’s YouTube Channel Just the Tonic For Those Searching For a Quantum Internship

The Hurdles

It can be a hurdle for many university students wanting to get a foot in the industry door. Internships can be, though not always, the golden ticket to entry-level positions at companies like IBM, Google and Microsoft. And even before you get an interview, potential candidates often lack the knowledge and experience to navigate them correctly.

Olivia to The Rescue!

But have no fear, because Olivia’s here, Olivia Lanes, that is, a Quantum Researcher and North American Lead at Qiskit and Education. Her excellent video, How to get a quantum internship, hosted on Qiskit’s YouTube channel, is the perfect “first step towards a fun, challenging career in quantum computing.”

As the Qiskit team notes, internships are becoming more and more competitive because most of the time applicants are unsure which job they should even apply to, as well as really knowing if the candidates’ skills are a good fit for a position.

In the video, Lanes discusses how to perfect a resume and maximize the chances of an interview at IBM or other quantum computing companies. She also goes through the different disciplines you can target for a candidate’s internship, such as software, hardware or research.

Lanes, who has been employed at IBM for a little over two years, works as both an experimental researcher and as a community/education developer, heading the Qiskit community and educational efforts in North America. Her team focuses on engaging researchers and students with Qiskit and working with them to get the most out of the IBM quantum hardware as possible.

Olivia Lanes, host of “How to get a quantum internship” on the Qiskit Youtube channel

With a Ph.D. in Experimental Quantum Physics from the University of Pittsburgh, Lanes has the perfect background to teach newbies the best approach to entering the industry by way of getting an internship interview and all the things that follow.

So, for all those ready to take the plunge, you should check the video out.

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Good luck!

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