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7 Quantum Companies to Watch Founded in 2024

The Quantum Technology market is growing rapidly, with new companies forming or emerging from stealth seemingly every week. Keeping track of the progress in the industry behind the headlines is becoming increasingly challenging — the answer is robust and reliable data on the industry.

Take the article that you’re about to read, 7 Companies To Watch Founded in 2024, for instance — which due to The Quantum Insider’s proprietary Quantum Intelligence platform — was straightforward to put together.

Quantum Companies in 2024

According to our Quantum Intelligence platform, there are thirteen companies founded this year, which the list below will describe in greater detail. Of them, two or three are in stealth mode, while the rest are in the early stages of revenue generation or just exploring developing their IP.

An example screenshot of a filtered search for companies founded in 2022 in The Quantum Insider’s Quantum Intelligence platform.

So let’s get going, and introduce you to the startups today that could possibly be the quantum unicorns of tomorrow.

1. OklahomaQuantum

OklahomaQuantum — with headquarters in Norman, Oklahoma — is a fine example of quantum’s presence in the heart of the American Midwest. The startup is focused on designing and manufacturing Quantum inertial sensors that provide position when GPS is unavailable and was founded by CEO Saesun Kim, a tech entrepreneur and winner of the international quantum hackathon hosted by Creative Destruction Lab — whose graduate work on generating atomic resonance quantum light has been selected as Editor’s Pick at the Optics letter — Kim also serves as co-lead of the IBM Qiskit localization project for an open-source project.

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This technology is useful in such industries as autonomous vehicles, submarines, aircraft, and spacecraft. Quantum inertial sensors also offer near-absolute accuracy of acceleration because atoms are extremely sensitive to their environment.

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2. Abelian

Abelian applies post-quantum cryptographic algorithms to ensure long-term security and privacy of customers’ digital gold, ABEL. Abelian ensures that wallet addresses are hidden and untraceable, while also securing the amount in transactions hidden by using lattice-based linkable ring signature schemes. Side chains, smart contracts, and inter-operability will be developed for supporting various DeFi, Metaverse, Web3 applications and initiatives.

Based in Irvine California, Abelian’s team consists of cryptographers, mathematicians, engineers, developers, and cybersecurity experts, to ensure that the startup is always moving forward.

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3. planqc

Appearing from the Munich Quantum Valley this summer (and the first to do so), planqc is a neutral atom quantum computing startup. planqc’s founding team of Alexander Glätzle, Sebastian Blatt, Johannes Zeiher, Lukas Reichsöllner, Ann-Kristin Achleitner, and Markus Wagner combines decades of international research on neutral-atom quantum technologies.

planqc’s quantum computers are built on the precision of atomic clocks, quantum gas microscopes and high-speed Rydberg gates and store information in individual atoms — nature’s best qubits.

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4. Bohr Quantum Technology

Still in stealth mode, Bohr Quantum Technology is a Pasadena, California-based startup that has developed a commercial-ready quantum networking system that it intends to commercialize from IP published in December 2020 (licensed technology from CalTech and Fermilab). They are moving the complexity of light-based networking into a rack allowing for the networking of quantum data. This enables scaling of quantum computers (i.e. being able to connect QPUs that are restricted by a cryo chamber) and their overall usefulness (e.g. entangle and disentangle chips across a building or even across towns).

The business is also interested in distance networking and enabling long-distance networking of quantum memories. Its technology offers precision timing, networking computers, and provably secure communication.

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5. Diraq

Diraq (with a ‘q’ — you’ll see why in a moment) is a full-stack quantum company which is building a quantum computer using silicon CMOS-based spin qubits, having invented this revolutionary technology in Sydney, Australia — where the startup is based — filing a network of patents beginning in 2014.

Focused on building fault-tolerant quantum computers, Diraq’s patented CMOS qubits are the same size as today’s transistors and use the same manufacturing. Diraq maintains 28 patents and patent applications across major jurisdictions. Diraq’s founder is CEO Andrew Dzurak, whose intention over the next ten years is for the business to progress its chips from prototypes to silicon quantum processor chips at nanometer scales.

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6. Dirac

Dirac with a ‘C’ is a New York City-based business currently in stealth mode developing new software and algorithms for quantum computers, focused on emerging technologies.

Founded by Filip Aronshtein, rather than focusing on traditional algorithms/applications, Dirac is working on areas where quantum computers may be helpful in emerging technologies, which include quantum applications in the robotics sector.

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Based on research derived from years of research and development at the Chalmers University of Technology, SCALINQ has the goal to make the scaling of quantum computers easier. Experts in the field of superconducting quantum computing and committed to helping firms and customers efficiently realize larger quantum processors, SCALINQ is based in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Its interdisciplinary team of leading researchers with competencies ranging from quantum engineering, microwave engineering, and hardware design, combined with business developers who have backgrounds in engineering.

Visit company’s profile page.

Honourable Mentions

Sandbox AQ, Absensing, AngelQ, Icosa Computing, Entangled Networks, and QPhoton Inc (now merged with QCI).

If you want to learn more, we’ve compiled the most comprehensive list of the top quantum computing companies available!


That’s the power our platform gives you, whether it’s writing an article, trying to find out about the latest funding round or discerning primary or secondary classifications of a top quantum startup’s technological capabilities. Or, if that hasn’t satiated your brain for analysis and data enough, what about digging deeper on investor count, the number of quantum end users and government entities all inside a sixty-second effort with the click of a mouse?

quantum data

Without The Quantum Insider’s proprietary Quantum Intelligence platform, the research, organization and writing of this piece would have taken four to five times longer, as it would have required sifting through the copious amounts of data on the web in the form of company websites, press releases, whitepapers, Twitter and Linkedin feeds, filtering out the noise from the real value. Instead, everything was under the proverbial “one roof”.

We hope you enjoyed this. And don’t worry, there will be more to come very soon.

If you want to find out what’s new in the Industry, check out our latest quantum news.

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James Dargan is a writer and researcher at The Quantum Insider. His focus is on the QC startup ecosystem and he writes articles on the space that have a tone accessible to the average reader.

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