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QunaSys and QC Ware Co-Host Inaugural Q2B22 Tokyo

Q2B 2022 Tokyo

TOKYO – July 8th 2022 – Quantum computing experts driving quantum advantage and commercialization to meet in Japan 

Building on the legacy of past Q2B events that built leadership in and broadened the vision of the quantum community, QunaSys, a global leader in the development of innovative quantum algorithms in chemistry, will co-host the first-ever Q2B22 Tokyo Practical Quantum Computing with QC Ware, a leading quantum software and services company.

The event, held exclusively in-person at the Westin Tokyo July 13-14, will offer participants a chance to gain actionable intelligence from experts, review presentations, forecasts, news and product announcements, engage with thought leaders and explore partnerships with industry, government and academia. Participants will also be able to analyze business opportunities, build skills and assess real-world challenges in the quantum space.

Q2B22 Tokyo is positioned to attract top academics, industry end users, government representatives and quantum computing vendors from around the world.

Keita Kanno, research manager at QunaSys, will present on ecosystem creation and collaboration to jointly advance research in quantum computing and share the results of QPARC Japan’s largest consortium for use case applicability in chemistry.

Yūya Nakagawa, lead research scientist at QunaSys, will present on algorithm developments for quantum chemistry calculations of molecules and materials using near-term quantum devices and early fault-tolerant quantum computers.

Kosuke Mitarai, assistant professor at Osaka University-Graduate School of Engineering Science and CSO and co-founder of QunaSys, together with Tennin Yan will also present during the conference.

Matt Johnson, CEO of QC Ware is scheduled to speak on day one of the conference and Tennin Yan, CEO of QunaSys will give the remarks for the opening of day two.

Other luminaries scheduled to present include Will Jasprizza, director of business development for Japan, QC Ware; Mitsunobu Koshiba, Honorary Chairman of JSR Corporation; Aparna Prabhakar, vice president of IBM; William Hurley, CEO of Strangeworks; Tim Costa, director, HPC & Quantum Computing Product, NVIDIA; Jiyoung Choi, COO Valuenex Inc.;William Hurley, CEO of Strangeworks;  Nir Minerbi, CEO & co-founder of Classiq, Dragana Kostic vice president and Elvira Shishenina, quantum computing lead, both of BMW Group.


Here is a complete current agenda for the event.


According to the organizers, bringing Q2B to Japan is a great opportunity because the country is a growing global leader in quantum research and quantum technology.

Click on the following links to learn more about Q2B22 Tokyo or to register.


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