Huawei Files Patent For Quantum Chip & Computer

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Huawei Files Patent For Quantum Chip & Computer


RESEARCH NEWS — Huawei has recently issued a novel invention patent related to the Quantum chip and computer. The company published the respective patent with a specified number as CN114613758A. According to the latest information, the current Huawei patent offers a quantum chip as well as a computer to solve the low yield issues. Since the implementation relates to quantum computing technology, it will ease the production of quantum chips.

Consequently, the quantum chips will comprise the following elements:

  • A coupling structure, cavity mode suppression structure, M sub-chips, and a substrate
  • The M sub-chips arrangement takes place on the surface of the substrate with gaps
  • Each sub-chips consists of N qubits
  • The coupling structure maintains the interconnection between the M sub-chips
  • The cavity mode suppression structure is at the edge of each sub-chip. It is also in the gap of the M sub-chips to increase the cavity mode frequency of the quantum chip
  • Here, the term M and N refers to a positive integer. M is greater than 1, meanwhile, N is greater or equal to 1. The M sub-chips in the quantum chip will reduce the strain of manufacturing and will improve the production yield.

It’s not the first time when Huawei is dealing with the Quantum theories. Back in January 2021, the Chinese manufacturer obtained a “quantum key distribution system, method, and device” patent.

Further in time, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology declared the very first quantum random number industry. This industry gained the name Key Devices and Modules for Quantum Key Distribution. It was mainly based on BB84 Protocol Part 3: Quantum Random Number Generator. Alongside Huawei, several institutes of technology took part in the preparation.

SOURCE: Huawei

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James Dargan

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