Quandela & OVHcloud Partner to Make Perceval Available, Allowing Developers to Run Quantum Algorithms by Simulating Optical Processors on OVH Cloud

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PRESS RELEASE — Paris, 14 June 2022 — The partnership between OVHcloud, the European leader in cloud computing, and the French start-up Quandela, the European leader in quantum photonics, will enable Perceval to be hosted in open-source in the OVHcloud Cloud. This first step in the collaboration between two major French players demonstrates both OVHcloud’s desire to invest in the field of quantum technology and Quandela’s desire to enable as many people as possible to appropriate quantum photonics technology. This is in line with Quandela’s development of the first complete photonic quantum computer, which will be available as an online platform by the end of the year.

OVHcloud, as a global Cloud player with more than 400,000 servers in 33 datacenters in 140 countries, is getting even more involved in the field of quantum computing by hosting Quandela’s software suite: Perceval. This software, which is aimed at developers, industry, and the scientific community, allows quantum algorithms to be executed by simulating an
optical quantum computer to explore the space of potential applications.

This partnership is part of OVHcloud’s approach to working with quantum players to help create a community capable of using and developing this technology, thanks to the availability of the open-source software suite.

“The photonic platform is very promising for developing the quantum computer. Being able to rely on OVHcloud, a world-renowned partner providing servers and a trusted Cloud, is a real asset. This partnership will allow us to increase Perceval availability as open-source software to the largest number of people. OVHcloud, we will offer users scalable compute capacity thus designing and simulating algorithms with more photons today and by the end of the year, we will make available our photonic quantum computer as a web service, allowing OVHCloud users to seamlessly run their algorithms on real photonic QPU!” explains Valérian Giesz, CEO and co-founder of Quandela.

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“With the rise of quantum computing, a new technological revolution is taking place for our digital activities. To capture its full potential, OVHcloud is strongly committed to supporting expert communities so that they can set up the foundations of a quantum offer access to the greatest number of people thanks to Cloud technologies. This joint approach with
Quandela will allow us to encourage the exploration of new use cases benefiting from these new computing models,” said Thierry Souche, CTO of OVHcloud.

About Quandela

Co-founded in 2017 by Pascale Senellart (research director at the Centre de Nanosciences et de Nanotechnologies of the CNRS and the University of Paris-Saclay and 2014 CNRS Silver Medalist), Valérian Giesz (engineer and Ph.D. in quantum optics), and Niccolo Somaschi (Ph.D. in semiconductor nanotechnologies), Quandela is a French company that is among the world leaders in quantum photonics. Quandela is known for being the originator of Prometheus, the world’s first photonic qubit generator with broad application domains including quantum cryptography, quantum computing or quantum sensors. The start-up markets its components worldwide to companies and research centres. It is collaborating on the European quantum computer project Phoqusing, launched in 2020. In 2021, Quandela raised €15M from the Omnes deep tech investment fund, the Defence Innovation Fund managed by Bpifrance and subscribed by the Defence Innovation Agency (AID), and the Quantonation fund specializing in quantum technologies.

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