Women in Quantum: Christine Johnson of Ingenii

Women of QuantumChristine Johnson of Ingenii

While many individuals believe that the possibilities of quantum technology are not yet here, Christine Johnson, CEO of Ingenii, doesn’t believe so. Her company’s quantum data platform was designed to help data scientists use quantum technology as soon as possible. “Our focus is to get the quantum tooling into the hands of the data scientists doing the high impact work within Life Sciences, as soon as possible,” explained Johnson. “This includes hybrid setups that can be used today.” In order to do this, Johnson’s team has created a data analytics platform that is quantum-enabled.  According to Johnson: “Ingenii is an end-to-end data platform that abstracts the quantum development.  This will make it easier for non-quantum data scientists to get started with it.” Ingenii has been able to carve out its own niche by focusing on high-impact life sciences and data science, Johnson is confident the platform her company provides will significantly drive down the cost and time needed to adopt quantum technology allowing virtually any data scientist within Life Sciences to use it.

As CEO, Johnson also wants to make sure her company has an important social impact, not just an analytical one. “I saw that we could have a bigger impact by trying to get behind more of a humanitarian angle and targeting the Life Sciences industry as part of that.” Life Sciences, particularly the healthcare and drug development industries, have already seen the benefits of using quantum technology, and Johnson is sure that Ingenii can add to these benefits. Focusing on Life Sciences, Ingenii is working to help researchers with some of today’s biggest challenges. “Our focus is really high impact, such as looking at climate change modeling, optimizing the food supply chain, or advanced vaccination development.  Quantum can tackle a million different problems,” Johnson added. With the humanitarian focus, Ingenii can make a greater impact on more lives, as well as show the relevancy of this growing industry to policymakers and investors.

As one of the few female CEOs within the quantum industry, Johnson is working to be what she calls a “conscious leader” in order to help increase the industry’s diversity. As Johnson explained, conscious leadership is a process of going out of one’s way to act more inclusive and supportive of all individuals from all backgrounds. “The effort needs to come from the top-down,” she said. “That’s why I’m excited about being in the role that I’m in, and spearheading this because it gives me the opportunity to be in the driver’s seat and be that leader and have that impact.” As a leader, Johnson has already seen gaps where diversity could be improved. “Through all the product research interviews I’m doing, it is shocking how few women there really are,” Johnson stated. “Starting at the academic level is absolutely crucial, getting people excited earlier is big.”

Johnson hopes to use Ingenii as an example of conscious leadership, while also being a top company for quantum technology. Johnson said: “Where we’re at today versus a year ago has been such a transformation. It changed from building a project to being a reason to get up in the morning.” Ingenii has already seen market validation in delivering industry-specific quantum algorithms to clients while making these algorithms accessible and cost-effective. In combining these algorithms with their data analytics platform, it’s not surprising to see this company stand out as a market leader within the quantum industry.

Kenna Hughes-Castleberry

Kenna Hughes-Castleberry

Science Communicator at JILA

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