Quantum Computing Market Map and Data 2022

One of the first challenges when understanding an emerging market is getting a high level sense for the key players and where they sit as part of the wider technology stack.

The classic solution: put a load of logos on a page!

Quantum Computing Market Map

We started doing these quantum market maps back in 2018 and have had to continue refining them as the market has rapidly evolved. Last week one of our clients asked for an updated high-level overview of the quantum computing market so we took the opportunity to give this a bit of a refresh; the results are below:

Quantum Computing Market map – The Quantum Insider

First some disclaimers: this is by no means exhaustive and excludes all sorts of relevant entities in the quantum technology ecosystem. There are many omissions. It includes only a handful of hardware suppliers, makes no reference to a growing quantum security and sensing ecosystem and makes no attempt to describe the various tools available in the market.

Indeed, just looking at the logos could also be misleading: Classiq’s offering is very different to 1Qbit but could both broadly be classified as software. SeeQC’s use of superconducting technology is very different to the approach taken by Rigetti.

Nonetheless, we believe its a helpful reminder of the richness of the growing quantum technology ecosystem.

Quantum Computing Market Data

If nothing else, what should stand out from the above image is the sheer number of squished logos on a page. We realised several years ago that our PowerPoint patience would only go so far (and we know that directories of quantum companies will always be incomplete) so we started working on a full dataset of quantum companies across the value chain.

quantum computing market data
Extract from The Quantum Insider market intelligence platform

We wanted this to be intuitive, searchable and informative. This is now available as our quantum market intelligence platform which captures thousands of data points on companies, investors, academic groups, government entities and end users in the quantum technology market.

quantum computing market data
Extract from The Quantum Insider market intelligence platform

By focusing on market data, we are able to help explain the subtleties and differences in the quantum technology market which cannot be conveyed by market maps. This information is now relied on by a diverse set of quantum stakeholders to keep them up-to-date and informed on the evolution of what is an increasingly complex market.



Alex Challans

Alex Challans

Alex is the CEO of The Quantum Insider

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