Intel Presents 14 Quantum Computing Papers at APS March Meeting 2022


Intel Presents 14 Quantum Computing Papers at APS March Meeting 2022

Intel will present 14 quantum computing-related papers at the APS March Meeting. (Image: Intel Corporation)

Intel researchers and collaborators will present 14 papers focused on quantum computing at the American Physical Society’s (APS) March Meeting, according to a company blog post. The meeting will conclude on March 18.

Intel highlights will include an invited presentation on the development of a first-of-a-kind cryogenic wafer prober. Otto Zietz, a quantum hardware engineer at Intel, will present about the prober, which can perform device characterization at 1K to enable rapid and statistically significant data collection of both traditional transistor and quantum dot metrics.

The Intel Quantum SDK; a recently launched full-stack Software Development Kit optimized for executing hybrid algorithms will be presented as well. It includes an intuitive user interface based on C++, a compiler toolchain based on the industry standard LLVM, and a runtime environment adapted for quantum with a high-performance Intel Quantum Simulator qubit target backend.

Here’s a full list of Intel’s papers:

B39: Semiconductor Qubits I

D40: Noisy Intermediate Scale Quantum Computers III

F39: Semiconductor Qubits III

G38: Quantum Annealing and Optimization II

M28: Quantum in Industry Invited Session: Quantum Information Hardware

N36: Quantum Software and Compilers: Optimization and Program Synthesis

S36: Spin Qubit Measurement I

T37: Quantum Machine Learning II

T40: Quantum Error Correction Theory

T47: Machine Learning for Quantum Matter III

W40: Noise Reduction and Error Mitigation in Quantum Computing II

Y36: Novel Spin Qubit Materials and Technologies II

Y39: Quantum Dots and Vacancy Centers

The March Meeting is one of the most important events for APS. It is one of the largest physics meeting in the world and offers a unique look at cutting-edge innovations in physics research.


Matt Swayne

Matt Swayne

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