Colorado’s Maybell Quantum Exits Stealth, Unveils The “Icebox”

Maybell Icebox
Maybell Icebox
Maybell Icebox
Maybell’s Icebox Dilution Refrigerator condenses a
room-sized cryogenic setup into a system slightly
larger than a kitchen fridge.

Maybell Quantum today unveiled the Icebox, a cryogenic platform to power the next generation of quantum computers.

Maybell’s Icebox solves some of the most pressing challenges for scaling quantum. Quantum computing is a reinvention of computing. It will perform calculations in seconds that would require billions of years for today’s most powerful supercomputers, with profound implications for industries ranging from logistics and agriculture to clean energy and medicine.

But achieving reliable quantum computation requires having qubits the fundamental building block of quantum computers in a state where they can be finely
manipulated and sending minute signals to and from those qubits. Maybell’s groundbreaking approach to these challenges has attracted contracts from DARPA, NSIC/DIU, and leading research universities. It is now available to the entire quantum computing industry.

Controlling quantum devices at roomtemperature is like playing a sonata in a hurricane,” explains Dr. Kyle Thompson, Maybells CTO. Cooling devices to within a few thousandths of a degree of absolute zero, nature’s ‘speed limit for cold,’ reduces this chaos to a state of near quantum silence so quantum operations are controllable. Traditional quantum cryogenic systems are tangles of tubes and wires that cover hundreds of square feet. They often require months to set up and PhDlevel expertise to operate. Moreover, to increase capacity, these systems typically become even larger and more complex, which is neither scalable nor sustainable.

In sharp contrast, Maybell’s Icebox dilution refrigerator condenses a roomsized cryogenic setup into a system slightly larger than your kitchen refrigerator. It can be installed in any serverroom, laboratory, or a wellequipped garage in an afternoon and without infrastructure upgrades. Maybell achieves this through over a dozen patentpending innovations, including Maybell Flexlines, quantum wires which offer industry
leading performance and density while transmitting a fraction of the heat and vibration (‘quantum noise’) of traditional cabling. All this is paired with streamlined, secure, opensource software and a powerful userfriendly suite of other features.

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The Icebox supports three times more qubits in onetenth the space of existing systems. says Corban TillemannDick, Maybell’s CEO, referencing the 4,500 superconducting traces available in an Icebox. “We listen to our customers, understand their needs, and address them. Many of our innovations reflect groundbreaking science, but some are just common sense. For example, the Icebox is the first cryogenic system built with a door so you dont need to disassemble it to access your qubits that shouldnt have taken 40 years. Dan Caruso, investor and the former CEO of ColdQuanta, echoes this sentiment. Maybell
is reinventing quantum cryogenics for the first time since the 1980s. It is a game changer for America’s leadership in quantum hardware, and for scalable quantum globally.
Dr. Thompson continues “after decades designing, building, and alltoooften repairing breakdowns in quantum hardware, we knew Maybell could offer something better.

Dr. SaeWoo Nam, Group Leader at the National Institutes for Standards and Technology (NIST), agrees. “I have extensive experience with competitive offerings, and Maybell’s focus on humancentered design, simplicity, and reliability will be a groundbreaking change.”

Quantum technology will be as important to the next 60 years as the internet or integrated circuits were to that last 60. Maybell is the only Americanbuilt and scalable solution for this internationally dominated and economically transformative sector.

“The advancement of domestic quantum sciences is hindered by the size, cost, and lack of domestic suppliers for quantum enabling hardware. Maybell’s products will help accelerate quantum progress and promote US leadership and security,” states Dr. Nam, an even pressing risk in the face of global supply chain disruptions and international turmoil.

Maybell is opening the door to a new era of scientific discovery by enabling scalable quantum computing

About Maybell
Maybell Quantum is a Denverbased venturebacked startup developing groundbreaking quantum hardware. Maybell’s mission is to deliver the world’s best tools to solve the toughest quantum challenges, offering solutions that are more accessible, reliable, and affordable while building a work force and supply chain that advance U.S. quantum leadership. Maybell is named after the coldest town in Colorado and in honor of one of our forebears in industrial innovation, Bell Labs. We apply barelypossible technologies to
improving our planet and the lives of those living on it, furthering the frontiers of human progress.

About NSIC:
Housed within the Defense Innovation Unit (DIU), National Security Innovation Capital (NSIC) is a new Department of Defense (DoD) initiative that provides funding to earlystage hardware startups commercializing dualuse technologies critical to national security and economic competitiveness. NSIC enables such startups to advance key milestones in their product development plans and reduce inherent technical risks by addressing the shortfall of private investment from trusted sources.

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Matt Swayne

With a several-decades long background in journalism and communications, Matt Swayne has worked as a science communicator for an R1 university for more than 12 years, specializing in translating high tech and deep tech for the general audience. He has served as a writer, editor and analyst at The Quantum Insider since its inception. In addition to his service as a science communicator, Matt also develops courses to improve the media and communications skills of scientists and has taught courses. [email protected]

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