Coming Soon: Montana Instruments Introduces ‘The Rook,’ The First Fully Integrated 3-Axis Cryogenic Nanopositioner

Montana Instruments Corporation announces the upcoming Spring 2022 release of their brand-new cryogenic nanopositioner, The Rook.

PRESS RELEASES — Montana Instruments Corporation announces the upcoming Spring 2022 release of their brand-new cryogenic nanopositioner, The Rook™.

“The Rook has the lowest 3-axis vibrations to keep samples in focus,” said Product Manager Sal Guarnieri. Other features include:

  • 3-axis design for optimal sample temperature and motion control
  • Low vibrations
  • Robust and reliable design
  • Fully integrated plug-and-play control
  • Galaxy software control, remote monitoring, and scripting
  • Best-in-class thermal links

“Performance for The Rook is specified at the top of the 3-axis stack,” said Guarnieri, “providing the user with clear expectations of what is happening at the sample in terms of temperature, vibrations, and bi-directional run-out.”

The Rook is specifically designed for use in Montana Instruments’ CryoAdvance™ workhorse cryostat (released in September 2021), a low-vibration, cryogen-free system that allows users to access cryogenic temperatures in a 50mm (3.2K – 350K) or 100mm (3.4K-350K) sample chamber. It can also be utilized in the Cryostation® s200, Montana Instruments’ largest and most versatile closed-cycle cryostat, with 200mm of sample space of configuration.

“The Rook™ is a game changer in cryogenic nanopositioner technology,” said Montana Instruments CEO Mark Carroll. “We’re excited to make it available in our configurable cryostats.”

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For more on The Rook™, visit the website at

About Montana Instruments®

Montana Instruments delivers best-in-class cryostats to their partners in the journey requiring high-end cryogenic environments. With over a decade of tried and trusted results, Montana Instruments’ “cold science made simple” approach makes it the premier cryogenics company accelerating quantum discovery in the world. For more, visit

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