ColdQuanta’s Hilbert Quantum Computer Added to Strangeworks Ecosystem

ColdQuanta Hilbert
ColdQuanta Hilbert
ColdQuanta’s Hilbert now available through Strangeworks ecosystem.

PRESS RELEASE — ColdQuanta, the leader in Cold Atom Quantum Technology, today announced it will make its forthcoming quantum computer, Hilbert, available in early access to members of the Strangeworks Backstage Pass program with general availability to follow. Strangeworks is a quantum enabled Platform as a Service (PaaS) for subject matter experts to bring quantum solutions to their problems. Scientists, researchers, software developers, companies and enthusiasts from around the globe will be able to easily access Hilbert to initiate and collaborate on projects, eliminating barriers to widespread quantum adoption.

Strangeworks provides users with simplified quantum hardware access, pre-built and pre-tested managed quantum services, and the ability to integrate with existing enterprise applications in order to help users be positioned for quantum advantage, when it arrives. The Strangeworks community will be able to harness ColdQuanta’s Hilbert, a universal and scalable gate-based quantum computing platform, for applications including quantum chemistry, optimization, logistics and machine learning. Hilbert’s qubits are individual atoms cooled by lasers to almost absolute zero, enabling a powerful combination of scalability, connectivity, and coherence time. Despite these atoms being some of the coldest objects in the universe, Hilbert operates at room temperature.

“Strangeworks remains on a mission to make quantum computing as easy and accessible as possible as we deliver the promise of quantum to as many people as possible,” said William Hurley, founder and CEO of Strangeworks. “ColdQuanta has been at the forefront of quantum technologies with its broad portfolio of products and technical leadership. We welcome them into the Strangeworks Quantum Syndicate as we partner to unlock new doors for researchers, developers and quantum enthusiasts from around the world.”

“ColdQuanta’s roots in world-renowned universities and research centers has provided us with a collaborative approach to quantum innovation since the beginning,” said Paul Lipman, President of Hilbert, ColdQuanta’s quantum computing business unit. “Hilbert’s availability via Strangeworks is an important step in providing broad access to users so they can begin putting quantum to work to tackle some of the world’s biggest challenges impacting humanity.”

Applications to the ColdQuanta Backstage Pass ticket are now open via the program page with successful applicants able to take advantage of the Hilbert system in early 2022.  For additional information on the Backstage Pass Program see frequently asked questions here.

About Strangeworks
Based in Austin, TX, Strangeworks is a group of experienced serial entrepreneurs, enterprise software developers, and quantum physicists who seek to humanize quantum computing and make it accessible to everyone. By guiding companies through the confusion of quantum computing, Strangeworks helps accelerate the integration of this new technology in corporations, universities, and enterprises. To learn more about how Strangeworks can accelerate your quantum journey visit:

About ColdQuanta 
ColdQuanta is the leader in Cold Atom Quantum Technology, the most scalable, versatile, and commercially viable application of quantum. The company offers a portfolio of more than 50 products critical to building quantum machines and devices. ColdQuanta is pioneering scalable quantum processing machines to solve the world’s most challenging problems. ColdQuanta is based in Boulder, CO, with offices in Madison, Wisconsin and Oxford, UK. Find out more at

Matt Swayne

Matt Swayne

Matt Swayne is a contributor at The Quantum Insider. He focuses on breaking news about quantum discoveries and quantum computing.

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