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Tales from the City by Richard Murray: Q2B Santa Clara

Q2B has always seemed the conference for the biggest announcements. It was a mere two years ago when IonQ stole the show with their record-beating quantum volume results, laying the path to the move to go public.

This year could be as eventful. I’m personally excited to learn – beyond the headlines – more about what the global quantum community has been up to for the last 2 years.

The agenda certainly looks like a good one. With a few notable exceptions, all of the biggest names in quantum are out and about, with back-to-back presentations in one day session from most. I am expecting big things.

In particular, I’m interested to hear from a slew of individuals and executives at the front-line; experts and analysts. No doubt these individuals will be asked questions I don’t think anyone knows the answer to yet: When will we have useful quantum computers, for example? What will they look like?

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But beyond these seemingly eternal questions will surely be critical insights about the journey we are all on: which algorithms or applications are showing the best promise for scaling. Is there any emerging potential for NISQ (and more important- how close are these i.e. how many qubits and what circuit depth is needed)?

I’m also interested to hear the plethora of different perspectives: From very large corporates that are investing in quantum (For example,BP, AFRL, Goldman, BMW, Roche); those with a wide view of the industry (AWS) or with the biggest investments (IonQ, AWS, IBM, Microsoft, Nvidia); and those the deepest knowledge of specific verticals (Zapata, Cambridge Quantum). They will all be here.

So stay tuned. I’ll be reporting each fascinating day as it comes, as I see it.

Richard Murray is CEO and co-founder of ORCA computing and co-chair of UKQuantum: the voice of the UK quantum industry


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Richard Murray

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