CUbit Discusses Quantum at Colorado Joint Technology Committee

Philip Makotyn, executive director the CUbit Quantum Initiative, joined by local quantum leaders, spoke on Sept. 9 before the Colorado General Assembly’s Joint Technology Committee.

Makotyn was one of several people who spoke before the committee on the Colorado Front Range quantum ecosystem, including CU’s role in quantum research; describing the quantum ecosystem including quantum sensing and computing; what quantum computing is (and isn’t) and its applications across a variety of industries and problems.

Joining Makotyn in speaking before the committee were Ben Bloom, founder and chief technical officer at Atom Computing; Dan Caruso, managing director at Caruso Ventures; Greg Rieker, CUbit associate director, Vogel Family Faculty Fellow and associate professor of mechanical engineering at CU Boulder; and Tony Uttley, president at Honeywell Quantum Solutions.

Focusing on an interdisciplinary approach to research and education in quantum information science and technology, the CUbit Quantum Initiative coordinates quantum activities at CU Boulder, catalyzing focus areas and research centers across the university.


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Philip Makotyn

Executive Director University of Colorado CUbit Quantum Initiative

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