Quantum China Weekly – Volume 7 (2021/05/21-2021/05/28)

Quantum China Weekly
Quantum China Weekly
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Quantum China Weekly

This week, the National Development and Reform Commission of the People’s Republic of China (NDRC) and other two departments together issued the “14th Five-Year Plan for the Implementation of the Education Power Promotion Project”, which prioritizes and focuses on supporting the construction of teaching and research facilities for quantum technology and other related disciplines.

In the commercial field, Origin Quantum launched a new application related to financial derivatives return calculation – quantum option strategy application to realize the calculation demonstration of expected return expectation of common option strategies.

In the direction of scientific research, a research team from Tsinghua University discovered three-dimensional second-order topological insulators induced by structural disorder. Scholars at the Shanghai Institute of Microsystems, Chinese Academy of Sciences, have successfully developed superconducting micron-line single-photon detectors with detection efficiency over 90%.

At the same time, Tsinghua University established a quantum information class, with Turing Award winner Yao Qizhi as the chief professor, which is also the first undergraduate talent training program in the direction of quantum information at Tsinghua University.

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And according to the director of Intel China Research Institute, it will still take at least 8 to 10 years to break through some key technologies in the field of quantum computing.



NDRC: focus on supporting the teaching and construction of quantum science and technology and other disciplines

National Development and Reform Commission of the People’s Republic of China (NDRC), Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China, and Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security (MOHRSS) of People’s Republic of China recently issued the “14th Five-Year Plan” period of education to promote the implementation of the project to launch the implementation of education to promote a strong country. It is mentioned that in the planning and arrangement of specific projects, priority will be given to supporting the construction of teaching and research facilities for disciplines related to quantum science and technology.

Zhengzhou planning to build a national laboratory of quantum information

Zhengzhou Development and Reform Commission prepared the “Zhengzhou New Infrastructure Construction Demonstration Zone Development Plan (2021-2025)”, which proposes to jointly build a number of new research and development institutions and innovation platforms in the field of quantum information with academic research institutions such as the University of Information Engineering, and plan to build a national laboratory for quantum information and construct a quantum preparation center and other basic research facilities.



Origin Quantum Launches New Quantum Option Strategy Application

Origin Quantum launches a new application related to financial derivative return calculation – Quantum Option Strategy Application, which introduces a Monte Carlo return valuation algorithm for financial derivatives to achieve a demonstration of expected return expectations for common option strategies.

Quantum Option Strategy Application: https://qcloud.originqc.com.cn/application



ScQ, the 10-qubit superconducting quantum computing cloud platform goes online

ScQ, the 10-bit superconducting quantum computing cloud platform of the Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, is online for public testing. The quantum computing cloud platform, which is capable of running quantum logic gate operations, is now open for public testing. If you have your own front-end web pages, you can contact the ScQ team at CAS Institute of Physics for direct access to the quantum chip.


Email:[email protected]



Research team at Tsinghua University discovers structured disorder-induced three-dimensional second-order topological insulators

A research team from the Institute of Cross-Information at Tsinghua University has made progress in the field of topological condensed matter physics, predicting for the first time that three-dimensional second-order topological insulators can exist in a completely random dot matrix, i.e., an amorphous body system, and finding that structural disorder can induce quantum phase transitions from topologically banal phases to second-order topological insulators. The researchers also propose methods to calculate the topological invariants of three-dimensional second-order topological insulators in real space (including systems with time-reversed symmetries).


Chinese scholars successfully developed a superconducting micron-line single photon detector with detection efficiency over 90%

A research team from Shanghai Institute of Microsystems, Chinese Academy of Sciences has achieved a breakthrough in the field of superconducting single photon detector (SPD) technology, achieving a system detection efficiency (SDE) of more than 90% in the 1550 nm band for superconducting micron line single photon detectors (SMSPD) with micron-level linewidth, laying the foundation for the development and application of superconducting single photon detectors with large photosensitive surfaces.




Tsinghua University establishes quantum information class

Tsinghua University’s quantum information class was officially established. Turing Award winner Chi-Chih Yao as the chief professor. This will be Tsinghua’s first undergraduate training program in the field of quantum information.



The director of Intel China Research Institute said: the breakthrough of quantum computing applications still needs at least 8-10 years

Intel China Research Institute President Song Jikiang recently said in an interview, subject to objective technical conditions, it is still difficult to predict the earliest application scenario of quantum computing point in time, the breakthrough of some key technologies still need at least 8 to 10 years.

Academician Xue Qikun of Chinese Academy of Sciences said that quantum technology is needed in the era of big data

On May 26, the 6th China International Big Data Industry Expo officially opened. At the opening ceremony, Xue Qikun, academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and president of Southern University of Science and Technology, said that a dedicated medium-scale quantum computer will emerge in the next 10 years to demonstrate the superiority of quantum computers in quantum chemical material simulation, quantum machine learning and other aspects.

Micius Quantum Prize is soliciting nominations

The Foundation is presently soliciting nominations for the Micius Quantum Prize 2021 in the broadly defined field of quantum technologies, recognizing science advance ranging from early conceptual contributions to recent experimental breakthroughs. The nominations, if not selected this year, will be considered for the next three years and can be updated. To nominate candidates for this Prize, please email your nominations to [email protected]. All nominations received prior to May 30, 2021 will be considered.

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