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Tekna Talks: A Podcast in Quantum Computing and Artificial Intelligence

Tekna Research is proud to present “Tekna Talks” – a podcast dedicated to Quantum Computing and AI.

Tekna Search, a specialist Quantum Computing Search firm who are excited to launch their new podcast called Tekna Talks.

The podcast showcases individuals within the Quantum space, giving them the opportunity to share their academic and professional journeys, as well as their learnings thus far. Tekna Talks focusses on speaking with hiring managers, company owners, and senior academics.

Since inception, the consultants at Tekna Search have been passionate about working with companies and people who believe that Quantum Computing can change our lives for the better.

So far, Tekna Talks has hosted Mattia Fiorentini from Cambridge Quantum Computing, Marco Palumbo from Oxford University Innovation, and Johannes Borregaard from Delft University of Technology.

Each episode is 30 minutes to an hour long, ensuring that it’s digestible for the audience, and Tekna Talks posts twice a month at present.

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Their main motivation for starting Tekna Talks is to offer resources and information for those currently in the space, but equally for those looking to carve their career out in quantum computing.

There are limited podcasts within the industry, and Vincent Yam, Co-Founder of Tekna Search and the podcast host is excited to see how Tekna Talks will flourish over the coming months.

Their feedback so far has been incredibly positive, with listeners saying, “Thank you for making this podcast, it will really help me navigate my PhD and how to get the most from it”. Others have shared that the podcast is information-rich, and provides clarity on a multitude of complex topics.

Tekna Search specialise in recruiting for the Quantum Computing industry. They believe this industry – and more importantly, the people within them – will change the world for the better.

Through their unrivalled technical knowledge and passion for people, Tekna Search can deliver authentic and proven service for established and emerging companies.

Whether you’re interested in speaking to the team at Tekna Search about career opportunities, or you’d like to learn more about the podcast, they are currently looking for guests to record upcoming episodes over the next few weeks.

You can access the podcast through standard providers such as Apple Podcasts and Spotify, which are available to download now.

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