Quantum Trilogy: Designed To Stop The Ingenuity of Hackers

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Worse Times Ahead

The Yahoo data breaches uncovered in 2016 compromised the personal details of more than a billion users. It was a sign that ordinary people like ourselves — whether using social media platforms or harmless email — are under threat from cyber black hats.

But it’s not only individuals who have to worry: in 2015 the US Office of Personnel Management was attacked by hackers. And the result? Over four million personal files were stolen from former and current government employees, a signal that even the US government — with all its financial resources and wealth of knowledge — is not immune to cyberattacks.

And do you want to know something? It’s only going to get worse as the age of Quantum 2.0 develops. That is why governments, multinationals and private companies are starting to see the threat posed by these cybersecurity criminals and with it are developing countermeasures to beat them at their own game. How? By using the magic of quantum mechanics.

With the advances currently being seen in quantum computing (QC), experts around the globe are worried it constitutes a danger to security networks based on classical encryption systems. To reverse this, technological innovations such as post-quantum cryptography and quantum key distribution (QKD) have been developed to stave off the threat and keep data where it belongs, in the hands of the private user.

Quantum Technologies Laboratories

A prime example of this attitude can be seen with Quantum Technologies Laboratories, a New York City-based startup founded in 2016 by French entrepreneur Alain Obadia to leverage the research undertaken since the early 1990s by Swiss researchers on quantum physics and cybersecurity with its proprietary Quantum Trilogy technology.

The company offers several products under the umbrella “Quantum Apps”:

  • Quantum Voice: “based on the core concept of Quantum Trilogy — a closed group of users connected through the Internet to dedicated private servers and using genuine proprietary quantum devices to secure communications — our flagship application allows your personnel and clients to speak in a secure and private environment.”
  • Quantum Mail: “based on the core concept of Quantum Trilogy — a closed group of users connected through the Internet to dedicated private servers and using genuine proprietary quantum devices to secure communications — Quantum Mail is an e-mail system that provides the same protection as Quantum Voice, with all the benefits of e-mail communication.”
  • Quantum Manager: “an administrative tool for Quantum Voice, Quantum Mail and Quantum VPN that allows your Corporate Security Leader to take control over communications among its group of users. You have complete control over whom your personnel communicate with, and your closed group of accounts ensures that social engineering is virtually impossible. By contrast, even the strongest encryption does not ensure security if you cannot confirm whether you are talking to the right person.”

Along with these, Quantum Technologies Laboratories offers a fully integrated quantum information system, which allows clients in the public and corporate sphere to use uncompromising voice and messaging communication systems.

Launching his first company in his late twenties, founder and CEO of Quantum Technologies Laboratories Alain Obadia has more than three decades’ worth of experience in designing, launching and operating new businesses in IT, telecommunications and cyber-security while at the same time actively investing in other industries. Obadia has a BA in business administration from HEC Montréal.

Supporting the CEO is an excellent team with experience in business, marketing, technology, and science. This is strengthened by partnerships with some of quantum tech’s leading players like Quintessence Labs, IBM and ID Quantique.

Adamant appropriate protection will come from the quantum world through technologies such as quantum encryption, Quantum Technologies Laboratories’ Quantum Trilogy product set is definitely an exciting prospect and may just be the kind of the thing the world of cybersecurity needs to stop dark forces on the Internet getting what they want.

James Dargan

James Dargan

James Dargan is a writer and researcher at The Quantum Insider. His focus is on the QC startup ecosystem and he writes articles on the space that have a tone accessible to the average reader.

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