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Quantum China Weekly – Volume 4 (2021/04/30-2021/05/06)

Quantum China Weekly

Quantum China Weekly

Shenzhen will focus on the layout of six frontier areas, including quantum technology.

In the field of scientific research, scholars from CSU, Shangrao Normal University and Nankai University have collaborated to make important progress in the field of optical quantum information processing. Scholars from Peking University have also successfully developed a scanning quantum sensing microscope and achieved nanoscale electric field imaging.

In addition, a training workshop on experimental teaching of quantum spin modulation computing will be held in June. Researchers, teachers, and experimental technicians engaged in experimental teaching and research of quantum physics in domestic universities and research institutes are welcome to attend.


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Shenzhen quantum science and technology field layout

The report of the Seventh Party Congress of Shenzhen pointed out six frontier areas that Shenzhen should prospectively lay out in the future. Among them, it is mentioned that the forward-looking layout of artificial intelligence, 6G, quantum technology, deep sea and deep space, unmanned driving, intelligent network-connected vehicles and other frontier areas.



First Experiment of Quantum Information Masking at CSU

Academician Guo Guangcan’s team at CSU, in collaboration with scholars from Shangrao Normal College and Nankai University, has made important progress in the field of optical quantum information processing, experimentally achieving the masking of optical quantum information and successfully hiding quantum information into non-local quantum entangled states.


Peking University scholars successfully develop scanning quantum sensing microscope and realize nanoscale electric field imaging

In collaboration with scholars from the University of Stuttgart, Germany and the Chinese University of Hong Kong, scholars from Peking University have independently developed a scanning quantum sensing microscope system, which has achieved 10 nm-scale electric field imaging and charge state modulation using nitrogen-vacancy chromatic quantum probes for the first time in the international arena, with sensitivity close to that of a single meta-charge, and will likely spawn NV-probe based scanning electric field intensity meters.




Training workshop on experimental teaching of quantum spin modulation computing will be held in June

The first training seminar on experimental teaching of quantum spin modulation computing will be held in June, jointly organized by the Physics Section Group of the Joint Committee of National Experimental Teaching Demonstration Centers and the Special Committee on University Physics Experiments of the Steering Committee of University Physics Curriculum of the Ministry of Education, hosted by the Physics Experimental Teaching Center of the University of Science and Technology of China, and co-organized by State Instrument Quantum. The workshop aims to promote the development of quantum physics teaching and experiments in universities and to improve the experimental teaching ability of quantum physics teachers.

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