National Physical Laboratory Launch Measurement for Quantum Programme

The UK’s National Physical Laboratory (NPL) has just launched a Measurement for Quantum programme. It is open to any UK company to access the quantum scientific experts and lab facilities at NPL for up to 20 days free of charge.

NPL can provide measurements and advice in the following areas of quantum technology:

  • Small current and quantum noise measurements
  • Measurement of material-induced noise in superconducting quantum circuits
  • Nanoscale imaging of physical properties (i.e. (opto)electronic, magnetic, thermal) for applications in quantum devices
  • Consultancy on the characterisation of compact lasers and other photonic components
  • Characterisation of single-photon sources and detectors
  • Semiconductor optoelectronic devices characterisation and analysis
  • Cryogenic-temperature semiconductor device characterisation

There is further detail on the NPL Measurement for Quantum website and how to apply.

Product Manager for all things quantum at the National Physical Lab in the UK.

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