PushQuantum Looking for Students for Quantum Entrepreneurship Laboratory


PushQuantum Looking for Students for Quantum Entrepreneurship Laboratory

PushQuantum is offering students a real-world based quantum entrepreneurial experience. (Image: Pixy.org)

The quantum industry is heavy on great ideas — but does the science-laden community have the entrepreneurial gut instincts and drive to turn those concepts into real world products. A group of German quantum science and business experts are hoping to facilitate that.

PushQuantum reports there is still time for students to apply for the Quantum Entrepreneurship Laboratory. The lab is a project-based course that teams students of different backgrounds with reputable industry partners and selected quantum specialists to explore new commercial applications of quantum computing.

Deadline to apply is Oct. 30.

The goal of the semester-long course is to have 20 students from all backgrounds work on four quantum-related prototypes. The organizers promise real-world challenges and offer real entrepreneurial experience. Students will be led by real-world experts.

Instructors include Technical University of Munich faculty, including Isabell Welpe and Christian Mendl.

The course is divided into five phases:

Kick-off Bootcamp

In the first week, students will be trained in the foundations of the opposite domain (Quantum Science or Business) and meet their colleagues.

Ideation Phase

During this phase, students will deep dive into the value chain of their challenge partner, to better understand their challenges and come up with a shortlist of ideas.

Prototyping Phase

Students will narrow down the ideas to a single one. You will build a technical prototype and business plan that you will present in the midterm pitch.

Delivery Phase
After exams, students will combine the previous deliverables into a project playbook and groom the software repository.

Shipping Phase

Based on the collected feedback, you will refine the features and business model for your quantum product, preparing towards the final Demo Day.

PushQuantum is a community of scientists, entrepreneurs and industry experts driven by the belief that exploring quantum computing is the most important and consequential opportunity of this century.

You can register here.

Matt Swayne

Matt Swayne

Matt Swayne is a contributor at The Quantum Insider. He focuses on breaking news about quantum discoveries and quantum computing.

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