Devil’s Mission To Develop & Produce Electronics & Specialized Components For Quantum Electronics Research

QDevil Founders

Devil’s Mission To Develop & Produce Electronics & Specialized Components For Quantum Electronics Research

Time Wasting

When a scientist or researcher spends all their time trying to work out how to use or put together the equipment brought in from an external supplier, it can be more trouble than it’s worth — what great mind wants to waste countless hours or even days trifling with this when they could be hard at work doing the all-important research?

Not many, I bet.

Solutions in this area are few and far between, but there is one startup in the quantum space that has capitalized on the need and is working hard to mobilize itself in this very niche quantum market.

QDevil, founded in Copenhagen, Denmark in 2016, joins Sparrow Quantum as a proud representative of the Danes on the QC market. The startups two founding members, Jonatan Kutchinsky and Ferdinand Kuemmeth, have a goal to ‘enhance[…] the science in quantum electronics labs, with auxiliary electronics and speed up the rate of quantum electronics research’.


Specializing in quantum electronics applications, to date QDevil has a number of hardware products available in its portfolio:

We begin with the QFilter, QDevil’s first-ever product:

a compact multi-stage low-pass filter which rejects noise and to ensure mil­likelvin electron temperature in up to 48 signal lines going to your quantum electronics devices and other sensitive cryogenic and low-temperature electronic circuits

The QBox:

a fully shielded breakout box specialized for electronics labs and low-temperature experiments

The QBoard:

a modular, PCB-based cryogenic sample holder system for low-temperature electronic devices

The QDAC series:

a high-precision, low-noise computer-controlled voltage generator designed for DC and low-frequency control of high impedance devices, such as gates in quantum electronics and quantum computer qubits

Already the startup can boast numerous installations of its auxiliary equipment product range at some of the world’s top technology companies and quantum QC research groups based at universities. And this, keeping in the mind the skills of the founders and overall team which has experience in cryogenic electronics science, is only set to grow.

CEO of QDevil is Jonaton Kutchinsky. With a Ph.D. in electronic engineering and physics from DTU — Technical University of Denmark, he can also rely on his experience as a researcher and founder or co-founder of no less than three other startups before getting QDevil off the ground, an impressive number by anyone’s standards.

Accelerating quantum electronics research

— QDevil

QDevil’s CTO is an associate professor at the Niels Bohr Institute, Center for Quantum Devices, at the University of Copenhagen, Ferdinand Kuemmeth. A former research associate and postdoctoral Fellow at Harvard University, the two together make an impressive team.

And one needs no more validation than the fact QDevil has managed to secure two funding grants, totalling the healthy sum of €1M from the EASME, a European Union executive agency for SMEs in charge of Enterprise Europe Network, COSME, and other programs, the last one coming at the beginning of 2020.

With QDevil’s unique business model and trust from the EU too, there’s no stopping Kutchinsky and Kuemmeth from developing the QDevil brand further in the QC ecosystem.

James Dargan

James Dargan

James Dargan is a writer and researcher at The Quantum Insider. His focus is on the QC startup ecosystem and he writes articles on the space that have a tone accessible to the average reader.

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