Cambridge Quantum Computing Partners With IBM to Expand Industry Engagement in Quantum

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Cambridge Quantum Computing
Cambridge Quantum Computing becomes a hub for IBM-Q.

Cambridge Quantum Computing (CQC) has announced in a news release that it has become the first startup-based hub in the IBM Q Network.

As a hub, CQC will expand membership of the network with cloud-based access to the IBM Quantum Computation Center, which now includes 20 of the most-advanced quantum computers commercially available to explore practical applications for business and science, including eight systems with a Quantum Volume of 32, and a 53-qubit system – the largest available for clients in the industry. CQC and its hub member organizations will collaborate on chemistry, optimization, finance, and quantum machine learning and natural language processing using IBM Quantum systems and the open source Qiskit framework to advance and grow the industry’s quantum computing ecosystem.

Founded in 2014 and backed by some of the world’s leading quantum computing companies, CQC is a global leader in quantum software and quantum algorithms that help clients get the best out of rapidly evolving quantum computing hardware.

CQC is partnering with IBM to offer new models of access to IBM’s quantum systems on the cloud to enable more organizations to get started in quantum computing and join the IBM Q Network. A unique and immediately available first offering to clients from CQC is a six-month access term along with a joint application research engagement. Denise Ruffner, CQC’s Chief Business Officer, stated “We are excited to deepen our strong partnership with IBM Quantum by becoming the first startup-based hub in the IBM Q Network. Our unique capability to offer shorter term access to IBM’s quantum systems, along with a research engagement from our expert research team is an opportunity for corporations to get started on quantum computing by working with CQC and the IBM Q Network.”

CQC was part of the founding group of startups in the IBM Q Network’s startup program, announced in 2018. IBM invested in CQC in January of 2020, and now have further deepened the relationship by becoming the first startup hub. Currently the IBM Q Network has over 100 members.

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“To accelerate progress toward the first commercial applications, we must make it easier for corporations to get started working with the most advanced quantum computers, supported by quantum application experts working closely with them,” said Dr. Anthony Annunziata, Director of the IBM Q Network.

“By partnering with CQC to create the first startup-based hub, researchers and application developers in enterprises will be able to develop the skills, expertise and use case-specific approaches that will be essential to harness the capability of quantum for business advantage in the coming years.”

About Cambridge Quantum Computing:

Cambridge Quantum Computing (CQC) is a world-leading quantum computing software company with offices in Cambridge (UK), LondonSan FranciscoWashington, DC and Tokyo. CQC builds tools for the commercialization of quantum technologies that will have a profound global impact.

About IBM Quantum:

IBM Quantum is an industry-first initiative to build commercial universal quantum computing systems for business and science applications. IBM Q Network™ is a trademark of International Business Machines Corporation. For more information about IBM’s quantum computing efforts, please visit

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