and Oost NL invest in QuiX and Its Photonic Quantum Computing Technology

EGBzB63WwAAP2_w and Oost NL invest in QuiX and Its Photonic Quantum Computing Technology

Although terms of the deal have not been release, QuiX, a company that is developing photonic systems for quantum computing, announced that it has received investments from and Oost NL.

The company did not reveal the amount of the investment.

Hans van den Vlekkert, CEO of QuiX said, “This investment by FORWARD and OostNL will aid us in realizing our mission: To offer plug-and-play integrated and reconfigurable light-based quantum processors that we believe are the fastest way to a quantum future. ”

QuiX develops its quantum processors using the proprietary TriPleX platform, building on fundamental research done at University of Twente and using industrial expertise of LioniX International. The functionality and programmability of the QuiX quantum photonic processors has already been demonstrated by University of Twente researchers, and more powerful processors are now being developed. These processors will enable the deployment of the first quantum algorithms capable of solving complex real-world problems in, amongst others, the fields of chemistry and cryptography.

The Netherlands-based company said it believes quantum computing will revolutionize information processing. The team’s goal is to bring quantum computing closer to real-world application by developing the first photonic quantum computer for quantum information processing and simulation.

Photonic quantum computing has seen a significant growth in interest and investment in recent years due to its strategic global importance. According to the company, QuiX has a significant advantage in this market due to its close ties with the photonics cluster around University of Twente, its deep industry experience and the proven functionality of its quantum processor. is excited about QuiX’s technology as well the capabilities of its team. We have very high expectations of the QuiX technology to enable quantum computation with real-life applications much faster than previously thought possible ” said partner Arjan Göbel.

Pieter Klinkert, senior investment manager Tech at Oost NL, an East Netherlands development company, said that QuiX is helping to build a quantum computing ecosystem in the Netherlands.

“Companies like QuiX are a valuable addition to the ecosystem around photonics in the East of the Netherlands,” he said. “Bringing innovations that arise around technical universities to the market is of great importance to our region. Moreover, the potential of quantum computing is enormous can have a positive impact in almost every sector and therefore on society as a whole.”

In February, the Netherlands government reported it planned to invest €23.5 million in quantum technology development over the next five years, which would likely benefit QuiX and the country’s photonics sector, in general.

Matt Swayne

Matt Swayne

Matt Swayne is a contributor at The Quantum Insider. He focuses on breaking news about quantum discoveries and quantum computing.

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