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The Value of Building Quantum Intuition

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The Value of Building Quantum Intuition

In the past weeks I’ve come to realize how important it is to build a solid quantum intuition. Understanding the mechanics and the math behind quantum computing is important but it’s one of these things where you’ll always be able to patch your gaps if needed. Building intuition takes time though and quantum intuition is one we almost have to build from scratch.

Quantum intuition will be crucial for designing and building quantum algorithms that are not just another application of VQE or QPE.

We all Loved Exercise 4

This is a fact! 🙂 Some people reached out after my live stream of the IBM Quantum Challenge and I got a lot of good feedback about how intuitive the approach to the challenge was. Among them I was lucky enough to meet Amir Ebrahimi and Aditya Giridharan. They both came up with very similar ideas and so we connected and the Dojo was born.

The idea of recording a match was really spontaneous and to be honest none of us knew whether it would really work out well enough but since the video was published it became one of the most performant videos on my channel.

The Future of the QI Dojo and Hunger for more Puzzles

What’s next? you might ask. The code for the QI Dojo is open sourced here. We are all looking forward to see how people will use it or build upon it. The way it has been built allows for more than just competition and I am personally going to look into how to combine the Dojo, the “turn the qubits off” series as well as other concept puzzles I’ve been recently playing with.

There is a lot to learn from this. Stay tuned for more Dojo videos coming soon!

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