Let’s Turn the Qubits Off!

Inspired by the Community

Inspired by the IBM Quantum Challenge  and by Strangework’s Rubiq’s Sphere I decided to try out and create puzzles using Quirk. The main idea of the puzzles would be to try and turn off (take them to the state |0>) the qubits of a given circuit with a given “secret” unitary.

To make things more interesting I would reduce the types of gates one could apply by simply modifying Quirk and adapting the available toolboxes.

The Power of Watching Someone Think

After playing with it myself for a while I realized that watching someone going through the process of solving such small puzzles could be really educational as well as motivational.

There’s something profound in watching someone learn. Observing both the mistakes and the successful ideas is really eye-opening. This is the same premise upon which the Quantum Intuition Youtube Channel was build.

Mixing this idea with the growing interest from different quantum enthusiasts to make an appearance on the channel was the best way forward. I wanted to make something quirky with it. Something entertaining, educational and motivational. Let’s watch others solve the puzzle!

The Guests

I didn’t want a shiny line-up of IBM quantum executives playing a small quirky game. I wanted the spirit of the channel to continue. The goal is to create space where other quantum enthusiasts can spread their work. The only thing I ask in exchange: Exposing their “quantum” thought process while solving the puzzles. A win-win for them and the amazing community of quantum learners.

Play Along!

Are you curious about your own abilities? Here is the list of some of the puzzles played so far! Go ahead and test your skills!!

Are you a quantum enthusiast yourself? Do you want to appear in the show? Send an email to uncertainsystems@gmail.com and let’s chat!

Daniel Colomer

Daniel Colomer

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