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Industry Players, Muquans and Pasqal, Enter into Strategic Partnership

Palaiseau, April 21st, 2020 – Muquans, an industry leader in quantum sensing, and Pasqal, a French company developing quantum processors built out of arrays of neutral atoms have signed a strategic partnership agreement. The purpose is to develop cutting edge laser and control solutions to push the technological boundaries of quantum computing.

This partnership is an opportunity to leverage a unique industrial and technological expertise for the design, integration and validation of advanced quantum solutions that has been applied for more than a decade to quantum gravimeters and atomic clocks. It will speed up the development of Pasqal’s processors and will bring them to an unprecedented maturity level.

Muquans will supply several key technological building blocks and a technical assistance to Pasqal, that will offer an advanced computing and simulation capability towards quantum advantage for real life applications.

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“We have the strong belief that the neutral atoms technology developed by Pasqal has a unique potential and this agreement is a wonderful opportunity for Muquans to participate on the great adventure of quantum computing. It will also help us find new opportunities for our technologies. We expect this activity to significantly grow in the coming years and this partnership will allow us to become a key stakeholder in the supply chain of quantum computers.”

Bruno Desruelle, CEO Muquans

“Muquans’ laser solutions combine extreme performance, advanced functionalities and industrial reliability. When you develop the next generation of quantum computers, you need to rely on strong bases and build trust with your partners. Being able to embed this technology in our processors will be a key factor for our company to consolidate our competitive advantage and bring quantum processors to the market.”

Georges-Olivier Reymond, CEO Pasqal

About Muquans

Muquans is a leading company in the field of quantum sensing and advanced laser solutions. After ten years of activity in the field of quantum gravity sensors and atomic clocks, Muquans has acquired a unique industrial and technological expertise for the design, integration and validation of advanced quantum solutions based on neutral atoms.

About Pasqal

Pasqal was founded with the vision to leverage the technology developed at Institut d’Optique in Palaiseau (France) to build quantum processors out of neutral atoms in their excited Rydberg state, ordered in large 2D arrays. Pasqal’s purpose is to bring practical quantum advantage to its customers. Pasqal is backed by Quantonation, an early stage venture capital fund focusing on Deep Physics and Quantum Technologies.

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