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German Startup, Avanetix, Applies QC to Develop Supply Chain Solutions

Photo by Franck V. on Unsplash

Saving Lives

In a recent article I prepared called Quantum Computing & The Future of Food, I discussed how quantum computers could assist with the logistical problems connected with world hunger. Integrated with blockchain and other disruptive technologies, quantum computing (QC) could really make a difference in how food is distributed around the globe, saving millions of lives.

But it’s not only in that area where life-changing technological modalities can be established. In the automotive, logistics and manufacturing industries, too, QC, AI and blockchain can make a huge difference to supply chain performance.

So it’s good to know there are startups around trying to solve these problems now.


One example is the German startup Avanetix, a Berlin-based operation whose goal is:

[to] automate and optimize supply chains. Boosted by quantum computing and machine learning

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— Avanetix website

Led by co-founders Naimah Schütter and Christian Nietner, the startup was established in early 2019.

Schütter, who acts as CEO, also founded RoomAR (along with Nietner), a computer vision and augmented reality startup.

‘We believe that the power of quantum computing will have an even larger impact to our world than AI. That’s why we have founded Avanetix — to contribute to the development and to support global market leaders with the adoption of this new technology era.’

 — Naimah Schütter, CEO Avanetix

Nietner, meanwhile, has a Ph.D. in quantum physics and experience as a data scientist and data thinker, as well as other activities as an entrepreneur.

The startup’s philosophy is to:

‘empower progress’ while ‘support[ing] leading companies in the world to harness the power of Quantum Computing and Machine Learning to increase profitability and productivity in their core business.

Lofty ambitions notwithstanding, the pair believe their company can solve the problems encountered in many industries regarding logistics, manufacturing, planning, and simulation.

Speaking exclusively to TQD about the startup, Schütter said:

‘Delivering efficiency and productivity increases for multiple supply chain use cases in logistics, manufacturing and planning. The advantage provides high reaction speed and transparency in complex business scenarios, simulations and optimization tasks. By using Quantum Computing and Machine Learning as powerful technologies we can simulate and optimize complex scenarios exponentially faster by producing production-ready software that scales corporate-wide which ensures things run smoothly. This makes things easier to oversee and manage.’

The time for such actions is now.

And with Avanetix believing their solutions to be the best the market has to offer, backed by the usual German efficiency we are all so used to, maybe the future of supply chain technology, supported by quantum information systems, is in safe hands with this Berlin startup.

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James Dargan

James Dargan is a writer and researcher at The Quantum Insider. His focus is on the QC startup ecosystem and he writes articles on the space that have a tone accessible to the average reader.

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