The Quantum Weekly: Smashing Entanglement Records and Building Quantum Computers with Godlike Powers

Quantum Digest
Quantum Digest

The Quantum Weekly: Smashing Entanglement Records and Building Quantum Computers with Godlike Powers

Quantum Physicists: “We Don’t Really Have a Real Quantum Computer Yet.”
Mathematicians: “Hold Our Beer.”

Smashing quantum entanglement records. Using quantum computers to help cars drive all by themselves. And plant-sized quantum computers with godlike powers… you know, just another week of quantum industry news in this edition of The Quantum Weekly. 

Spotlight Story: 

“If today’s computers had dreams and ambitions, there would be some problems that they wouldn’t even dream about solving. Some problems would take far too much time or memory, running on for nearly forever. But in an exciting new result, a team of computer scientists have shown how in theory quantum computers should be able to rapidly verify that a practically infinite problem was solved.” —  Vice


Chinese Scientists Smash Quantum Entanglement Record — The Quantum Daily

Artificial Atoms Create Stable Qubits for Quantum Computing — The Quantum Daily

Quantum Programming 101: Shor’s Algorithm — The Quantum Daily

Super-Fast Switch May Lead to Better, Faster Quantum Tech — The Quantum Daily

University of Maryland’s Quantum Alliance Sets Mission to Make a Quantum-Ready Society  — The Quantum Daily

AI’s Quantum Predictions May Help Deliver Quantum Advantage — The Quantum Daily

Keeping Classified Information Secret in a World of Quantum Computing

The Bulletin

Where Will Quantum Systems Succeed in AI Training — The Next Platform


Quantum Lab Startup With Thoughts of Driverless Cars On Its Mind — The Quantum Daily

Canadian Quantum Metamachinist’s Eureka Moment For Cloud-Based QC — The Quantum Daily

IBM Invests in Cambridge Quantum Computing — The Quantum Daily

Houston QC Startup Xofia Aims To Blast Off Towards ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution’ — The Quantum Weekly

The Quantum Computer Is About the Change the World. Three Israelis Are Leading the Revolution — Haaretz 


Trump Wants to Double Spending on AI, Quantum Computing — WSJ


Quantum Engineering – Intelligence Community Postdoctoral Fellowships — ORISE

Quantum Engineer — IQM Finland

Senior Quantum Engineer — Rigetti Computing

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Matt Swayne

Matt Swayne

Matt Swayne is a contributor at The Quantum Insider. He focuses on breaking news about quantum discoveries and quantum computing.

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