The Weekly Quantum Digest: Is Microsoft Heading Right To The Topological?

topological qubit
topological qubit
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Microsoft says it’s close to unveiling a better qubit, when will quantum computers be in our pocket — and will quantum computing be the bomb, the geopolitical bomb, that is. Along with more quantum computing stories in the media this week.

Spotlight Story: 

“Microsoft has been working on a Topological qubit technology called a topological qubit that it expects will deliver benefits of quantum computing technology that today are mostly just a promise. After spending five years figuring out the complicated hardware of topological qubits, the company is almost ready to put them to use, said Krysta Svore, general manager of Microsoft’s quantum computing software work.”CNet


A Journalist Walks Into A Quantum Physics Lab — The Daily Emerald

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Scientists Develop World Leading Quantum Computing Simulation — ECNS

When Will Quantum Computers Be In Our Pockets?– The Naked Scientists 

Using Quantum Computers to Test the Fundamentals of Physics — Scientific American

Ultrafast Quantum Motion In A Nanoscale Trap Detected — EurekAlert


A Glimpse Into Honeywell’s Quantum Play Through Microsoft’s Azure Ignite Announcement — Forbes

Quantum Computing: A Giant Leap Forwards — Money Week

D-Wave Takes Quantum Leap In Europe — Next Platform

AI/ML IBM Shows Qiskit Can Target Multiple Quantum Systems — Dev Class 

Google’s Sycamore Sparks Quantum Supremacy Rivalry — Technowize


Why Quantum Computing Could Be A Geopolitical Time Bomb — GZero 

Paving the Way for an Even More Remarkable Decade in Information Security — Infosecurity-Magazine 


Quantum Computer Theorist — Raytheon

Quantum Computing Applications Developer — IBM

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