Innovation Centre Director (Q-LABS)

    • Full Time
    • London

    We are seeking a highly motivated and experienced individual with excellent leadership and interpersonal skills to lead and shape Q-LABS at UCL.

    Q-LABS aims to be a non-for-profit London-based innovation centre focussed on facilitating commercial activity in quantum computation and simulation.

    To establish a presence within the UK quantum sector, Q-LABS will form and manage a number of innovation activities including an innovation network that will engage with multiple external stakeholders to nurture partnerships and form an interdisciplinary community. The Q-LABS innovation network will enable businesses based in the UK to respond to the increasing pace of investment and development in quantum computing (QC) and quantum simulation (QS) by creating a sustainable ecosystem of companies able to exploit the commercial quantum computing opportunities through knowledge exchange and networking.

    The closing date for applications is January 30th 2022.

    To apply for this job please visit